Encouraging women into IT Careers…. But how?

There is alot of discussion about how few women are represented in IT Careers and in many of the articles I have read recently, there has been clear identification of the issue but nowhere have I read of any possible solutions. Therefore my fellow GirlGeekers, I am reaching out to you for some knowledge, guidance and contribution to this discussion. Let’s put our thinking caps on and share our ideas…

Here are my questions to you…

1. What would/did encourage you or your friends into a career in IT?

2. Are IT career learning paths too expensive to pursue?

3. Does maternity breaks and the challenge of childcare deter women from taking up careers in IT?

4. Do IT careers offer unsociable hours?

5. How do we encourage more women into IT careers?

You see …. loads of questions but I am sure that many of you have lots of thoughts on the matter and I look forward to your contributions to the discussion.