Google MapMaker Event with Google Local

photo(3)  Many thanks to the lovely Google Local London team who hosted us at the Google office in Holborn for a fabulous Mapmaker event on Tuesday 11th June 2013.

An eager group of Girl Geeks descended on the office to learn more about Mapmaker and how to contribute and edit Google maps through an informative and fun presentation, where we were introduced to thinking about why we might want to benefit our communities through enriching Google Maps.

We had plenty of questions for the team and had a good evening editing and chatting.  If you haven’t tried Mapmaker yet, have a go for yourself and if you’re not sure how to get started, there’s plenty of help available on the YouTube channel.

If you’re on Google Plus, why not follow Google Local London or follow them on twitter?

However, the fantastic Google Local London team also reminded us about reviewing places and even some of the more private amongst us seemed enthusiastic about the possibilities and uses of reviews.  For further information, have a look at the help pages!

Many thanks to Google for hosting us.  We had a fabulous evening of learning and networking and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

It was great to see a lovely group of Girl Geeks at Google and we’re looking forward to seeing you at RegentTweet this month!  Don’t forget that our birthday will be in August – hope to see many of you there!



London Girl Geeks’ Facebook Invasion

A huge thank you to Facebook London for hosting us on Monday 10th September.  Philip Su, who’s worked with San Francisco Girl Geeks, opened the evening and Sonia Flynn, Srinath Anantharaju and Kuan Hon inspired us and tickled our curiosity with presentations on the human impact of Facebook, security measures and EU cookies law.

For those of you who weren’t able to join us, the event space was fabulous – enjoying presentations from a deck chair was certainly a new and welcome experience!  The pizza was yummy, there was plenty of drink and the post-presentation networking fuelled lots of interesting conversations.

We’re looking forward to running future events with Facebook London – if you’re not a member of the London Girl Geeks Dinners Google Group, join up to receive first notice of events and tickets.

So, thank you all for coming – we hope you had a wonderful time.

Thank you Facebook London for being fantastic hosts!

LondonGGD at the London SciFi Film Festival

It was a lovely evening when the London Girl Geek Dinners swept into the bar at the Apollo theatre and drank the bar dry of the delightful Dinastia Vivanco wine (which was perfectly chilled) and went in to the cinema with sweet popcorn to listen to and watch two inspirational women speak.

Anna Higgs of Quark Films and producer of “The People Vs George Lucas” was first up.  Her film short was amazing and she showed herself to be very passionate.  She was incredibly articulate and in all she was charming as despite being ill she spoke at length about her other projects, including her latest project about the Student protests. We also got to listen to Leilani Holmes from film-makers networking group OTT who had some great clips she showed us.  She described how directing a 23 second animated movie about plastic dinosaurs has changed her life and she went on to do more and more filmmaking.

It was a wonderful evening and those who were lucky enough to stay overnight got treated to 5 black & whitemovies, bucks fizz and Haggen Daz.  YUM!

Stay tuned for news of our next even – SHOPPING ON REGENT ST!  The most talked about, anticipated event of the year!

Round Up of London Girl Geek Dinner Sponsored By Microsoft

Well I’m not sure that I really need to write a lot, this event pretty much spoke for itself.  We had two fabulous speakers and their talks were great. First up we had Elisabeth Kelan Braveheart movie download who did a great talk about gender, technology and innovation.  There were some great stats that came out of her research and you can find out more about that over on her site.

And then we followed on with a talk from Julie Lerman which sparked controversy, chaos and enticing conversations about what is and isn’t acceptable in the IT industry, along with how thing have changed over the years. (Expect comments on clevage both in the video and on Julie’s site sorrounding this talk.)

And the podcasts:

Elisabeth Kelan

Mr. Moto in Danger Island buy

Julie Lerman 13 Moons on dvd

Video’s from 3 Year Anniversary Girl Geek Dinner now available

There was a bit of a delay getting the video’s up from the 3 year anniversary Girl Geek Dinner event but they are now here and available for you to watch and re-watch until you’re hearts are content!

Dirty Harry full [bliptv]1326273[/bliptv]

There are more details and write up’s from this event that can be found in the London Girl Geek Dinner 3 Year Anniversary Round Up

It Came from Outer Space dvdrip

London Girl Geek Dinner 3 Year Anniversary Round Up

Free Willy move

Wow what can I say… it’s been an amazing three years… I still can’t believe that they have gone so fast and how the events have grown over the years.  Looking back at that very first Girl Geek Dinner I don’t think I could ever have imagined that one little idea ending up as far reaching and as well recieved as it has been.   I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.  Its all one very big adventure and I’m looking forward to seeing what unfolds in the next few years!

So now that I’ve got over being all sentimental about it… lets get down to the details of what happened at the 3 year anniversary which we were fortunate enough to hold at the Google offices.  First of all we had a great dinner courtesy of the Google’s hospitality and catering facilities.  They do wonderful food and were great hosts for this event.

We kicked off the evening with a presentation from Google’s very own Karen Groenink who spoke on UI design, the thoughs behind some of the design work that went into the YouTube mobile UI and some of the challenges of working with mobile devices.

After this we went and moved onto Technology and Schools with Drew Buddie who is a teacher at a London School.  He spoke about the technologies that schools use, the challenges that they face and some of the solutions that they have come up with to get children involved with technology.

And finally we had the discussion on Work Life balance hosted by Dr Al James who has been researching this subject in depth.  The session was well structured, focusing on key aspects of work life balance and bringing forward suggestions to problems when balancing work and home life.

The video from all the sessions will follow in due course, however in the meantime I’ve placed some of the slides onto slideshare for you to browse.  We will post the video up as soon as it’s been edited and uploaded!

If you would like to read what others have said about this event then feel free to take a look here:

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Partying it up Google style

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Girls Geek Dinner @ Google The Lake House download

Round Up: London Girl Geek Dinner with IT4C

We had a great time at our London Girl Geek Dinner on the 25th June with IT4C and the talks were fantastic.  This was a must attend event for anyone who has a bit of spare time and likes to create things and work with others.

UPDATE: here’s the video, with the slides below. Sarah Blow introduced the speakers:

The slides give most of the information that you would need to get involved with IT4Communities and AbilityNet:

Red Dawn move

Telstar movie download

London Girl Geek Dinner with IT4C

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 move

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 hd

Horror buy

We are currently in the planning phases of doing a Girl Geek Dinner with and majority sponsored by IT4C in June.  The proposed date is set as the 25th June.  There will not be a May event as I have too much on to arrange this at the moment however there are regular Girl Geek Coffee meetups in the city during the day and Geek Dinners have just announced an event with so please do feel free to sign up and attend those as well!

We have one confirmed speaker for the June event and are looking for a couple of others.  Our first speaker will be talking about Web Accessibility in Web 2.0  if you think you are up for talking at this event then do let us know.  The venue capacity is 60 people so it’s a nice friendly reasonably small group.

Bartok the Magnificent the movie

We are also looking for speakers for out August 3 year Anniversary event which will be held at Google’s office.  If you are interested in speaking at that then please send over your speaker proposal.

Re-posted: Dr Sophie Kain on Being a Geek (and on The Apprentice & Sir Alan Sugar..)

Vinyan dvd

The combined London Geek Dinner and London Girl Geek Dinner on 26 April was fun. The venue was perfect, just the right size for the attendees, so you could mingle and sit down at various tables and even sofas without being too cramped.

Here’s the video of the speech by Dr Sophie Kain on being a geek (with intro by Ian Forrester). The talk was very good, with some great Q&A and thoughtful discussion on geekdom and what it means to be a geek. As well as some comments on The Apprentice and Sir Alan, for you gossip / TV fans out there! Enjoy.

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