London Girl Geek Dinners needs new Organizer, is that you?

We haven’t had any events running in London for some time and after asking on the Facebook group people would still like these events to run, so we are putting a call out for people interested in running the events. If that sounds like something you would like to do then give us a shout.

We will fill you in with everything you need to know about running events, promoting them and much more. You will learn loads! There is a time commitment required for volunteering for this role as events do take time to put together. Ideally there would be 2 -3 organisers who split the load between them working on the various aspects of the events.

To say yes to doing this drop sarah at girlgeekdinners dot com an email.

LGGD & LBG’s Digital Breakthrough Women’s Network – Is it Really Mobile First? A Panel Debate



For years pundits have been trying to tell us it was finally the year of the mobile. Instead of this bright new future what has happened is that our gadgets have become indispensable mini computers. The 2nd and 3rd screen revolution has fundamentally changed the way we consume content and as a result it has caused a fundamental shift in the way we distribute that content across multiple devices. Understanding the future of the mobile for interactive advertising and storytelling opens the door to the relevance of wearables, virtual reality and augmented reality. Discover the future of the mobile device and the content that drives the portable screen in everyone’s pocket. Should we be building everything for mobile first, including our clothing? We ask our expert panel this and other questions.


Sanj Surati – Holition, AR/VR creative agency working with high profile luxury brands who also have a commitment to have a 50% female developer workforce

Peter Robinson – Dubit Limited, research agency with a finger on the pulse of emerging trends for kids media including supplying research and findings at Children’s Media Conference and Kids Screen

Imre Jele – Bossa Studios, mobile game makers with several successful titles out on mobile as well as console

Femi A – Design Juju, UX/UI expert

Chris Gale, Odyssey Mobile, mobile advertising agency with a firm handle on creative storytelling/advertising that takes mobile immersion to new places


This event is in partnership with LBG’s Digital Breakthrough Women’s Network and they are providing the space which is HUGE! Lots of food, lots of drink and lots of debate! They also have jobs available in a variety of areas which we will have more information on at and after the event.


On September 23rd, we expect the event to kick off with networking drinks at 5:30pm but the actual debate will start around 6:30 and last until 7:30 meaning you can continue the discussion over a glass of juice or wine later on.


Venue will be

48 Chiswell Street




Guardians of the Galaxy Review – Is it Worth it?

Guardians of the GalaxyWhen I saw the first 17min in the IMAX I was excited. Rocket (Bradley Cooper) gave a brilliantly misleading introduction to the segment. The images were brilliant, the 3D enhanced but didn’t impose, the plot at that point in the story was fantastic and there was a lot going on. In a nutshell, I really enjoyed the 17 minutes, wanted more characterisation of the female role but was happy to see a prominent female character who was smart and kicked ass. She was a little more Kendra than Buffy but still – brilliant.

That said, when I came to watch the movie in regular 3D instead of IMAX I have to admit, I felt the lack. The IMAX lent so much to the experience that I’m not sure if I can now ever enjoy a movie again unless I go see it in IMAX. Not only are the seats more comfortable in the IMAX (I have generous proportions), the whole experience is more immersive and this movie with its plot and action really draws you in. Being in an IMAX cinema not only gives you better picture quality, it immerses you in the film and that is why the 3D is an enhancement rather than an intrusion.

This though is not about the experience of watching it but rather the actual movie.

This review contains SPOILERS of a sort – stuff you might not have seen in commercials or trailers.

We start with Peter Quill at home as a young child. Peter is like pretty much any 80’s kid, or really any kid in North America from almost any time period, including his perhaps extreme connection to his Walkman. Things happen to his mum and his life that rather turn his future upside down.  We get that in the first few minutes and continue on to a much more light-humoured scene involving karoke with an alien creature, dancing, advanced technologies and another shot of that Sony Walkman.

It was nice to see what happened leading up to the jail scene (widely used in promotional  videos and commercials) which gave a lot more context to the characters and the predicament they were in. There was plenty of action and sadly the kind of 3D antics that are common to make it all *ooooo look at me in 3D coming out at you* but they were thankfully few. They were made more jarring by the non-IMAX experience probably which is why I’m now such a fan of IMAX.

The action progresses, as does the humour. You get the sense that it is a bit of a piss-take, including a great cameo by Stan Lee. This movie doesn’t take itself too seriously – how could you with a troll doll playing as important a role as it does at the end? Also – a talking tree. How serious can you be with a talking tree, a genetically engineered raccoon, an abducted human, an engineered daughter of Thanos and a literal strongman out for revenge. The chemistry between the actors comes through in this movie, making it seamlessly brilliant. Where in some areas of the Avengers it could feel jarring, this is so seamless it hurts when it ends.

I think Marvel has a winner on their hands with this one. Despite the age of the comics, they have managed to update the characterisation of the female characters and make them more modern (so to speak). They know their own minds, have their own agendas and kick wicked butt. The modernisation of the back story of Peter Quill a.k.a. Star Lord, the brilliant characterisation of Groot and Rocket, the great action, the introduction of Thanos to pull the various threads of Marvel movies together and especially Glenn Close as the leader of the Nova Corps all makes this a winner.

Is it worth it? YEAH! Should you see this? F YEAH! Is this movie brilliant? Beyond words BRILLIANT! Did I recommend it for my 5 year old nephew? You better believe I did (with a caveat about the swearing and violence). Will you regret it if you don’t see it? FOREVER – you’ll regret not getting the full movie theatre experience FOREVER and EVER. When is it out? July 31st but you can BOOK TICKETS NOW!

Guardians of the Galaxy 17min Preview – SPOILERS!


No – seriously SPOILERS!!!!

So I found myself in a preview of seventeen minutes of 3D footage from Guardians of the Galaxy. Why? Because as a girl and a geek I’m interested in these things. Thankfully there is a strong female character that is more Buffy than Kendra 😉 Although There is a Kendra-like character in Drax and it’s gonna be AWESOME!

Now here is a man who loves his technology but we’ll get on to that later. Our 17 minutes in introduced by a vague definition by the character of his history deliberately intended to lead those who don’t know the story astray which is brilliant.

We join our intrepid heroes (for a loose definition of “heroes”) on their way to jail. On their way to jail we learn that this “team” (again, a rather loose definition of the word “team”) are only just gathering and an incident prior to their arrest meant that the orb in question (you’ll learn more about it but suffice to say the reason these criminals become heroes is because of this orb) is not yet secure in location.

In addition to this, the amazingly kick-ass female among their group apparently fouled the raccoon’s attempt to obtain the bounty on the human’s head. The human is Star-Lord, the woman is Gamora and the Raccoon is Rocket – a raccoon abducted from Earth and experimented on, turning him into a sentient, bipedal criminal. Star-Lord and Rocket are sent to jail with Gamora and Groot – who only says “I am Groot” the entire time and is an accomplice of Rocket, later helping with the escape from jail (I did say SPOILERS).

Gamora is a female assassin whose father is guilty of some serious crimes. People hate her because of her father but not only can she defend herself, she takes out most of the guards before possibly ripping the arm off a guard for a piece of tech to assist the escape (I saw no evidence of the dismemberment). Finally the literal Drax joins the band. His taking of everything literally is sure to provide significant laughs through the movie. No, not just surely – it did while I was there (“nothing goes over my head as I leap up and catch it”) and the other characters attitudes means it’s gonna be an ace movie.

In the background, quietly enhancing the movie but not getting all gimmicky is the 3D. Usually there’s something reaching out beyond the frame or poking out or something distracting. Thankfully there was nothing so gimmicky in the 17 minutes we saw. In this movie, the 3D is a strong supporting feature, enhancing the experience and drawing you into everything from being sprayed with orange goo to floating in a pod when the gravity is turned off – which is where the 17 minutes ended. The group had pretty much almost escaped and then we all moaned as we cut to longer commercials for the movie including Rocket showing he understands Groot and Star-Lord admitting he really only has 12% of a plan (which, as Groot points out, is better than only 11% of a plan).

All in all, the mere 17 minutes made me more excited than ever to see the full film and I hope you will too not for any commercial reason but because I think that as a girl and a geek you’d enjoy it! It was action-packed, the 17min was building a fantastic story, the special effects were worked into the movie to make it seem more real, and the 3D made you a part of the movie. I really cannot recommend it highly enough – Marvel has got a hit on their hands!

RegentTweet 2014 – Girl, Geek and Fashionista (sorta)

Every year for the past 5 years Sister PR who handle the public relations for the Crown Estates (extremely well I might add outside the whole RegentTweet thing) have run an event where London Girl Geeks among others have spent the day shopping Regent Street.

Over the last five years, more and more members of London Girl Geek Dinners have started shopping the shops on Regent Street, from Brooks Brothers to Hawes & Curtis, from Godiva to Molton Brown, LGGD members have increasingly embraced the shopping opportunities and fashion styling. I’ve started wearing the right colours (mostly), doing my makeup properly (part of the time), styling my hair (most days) and treating myself to better cocktails, soaps and handbags.

This year the day started at basecamp in Brasserie Zedel, a place I’ve been taking people to (as well as visiting on my own) since I discovered it thanks to Sister PR. After checking in and getting our wristbands, we went for the photo call. Having accomplished that, myself and a few LGGD helpers took the RegentTweet sign and got photos in almost every venue on the cards. Where did we visit?

Penhalligans was probably one of the places we had most fun in. Besides the scented kerchiefs, the new scent they have just released was amazing and the shop staff were absolutely wonderful. Seriously wonderful staff – seriously amazing new scent (let it settle for like an hour though).

Guess has amazing handbags (some of which I own) and fabulous clothes (which I can’t fit in to sadly) but this year they went even further with a gigantic bag of joy for each and every RegentTweet participant. Guess really won the amazing goodie bag competition. I love to learn more about a company but I had to satisfy myself with possibly another handbag 😉

The chocolate dipped strawberries to start the day at Godiva were amazing. They are always a great way to start the day. While GAP was giving away jeans, I was flagging and unwell so sadly started to fall behind. I did manage to visit Banana Republic before retiring to Brasserie Zedel for lunch. I was so tired from rushing to Rapha for their lovely messenger bag, Tumi to look at their amazing luggage and Molton Brown for their perfect clear travel bag I realised I was not yet over my illness.

I tried to catch the second talk at Apple but was still resting when I realised I was late. Illness had finally bested me and I missed the second talk I had been looking forward to and was gutted. I almost didn’t continue but hit Crabtree & Evelyn for some nail polish, Kiko for some eye shadow and Anthropologie for some hand cream thank goodness.

I did make it to Hackett and fell in love with a laptop bag and should have bought it but I was very tired from my lingering cold so staggered on. One of the LGGD helpers lived up to their name, helping me to Karen Millen and Brooks Brothers.

Finally, a big shout out to Laird hats who have taught me to wear a nice hat avail and that hats can be casual as well as formal.

Google MapMaker Event with Google Local

photo(3)  Many thanks to the lovely Google Local London team who hosted us at the Google office in Holborn for a fabulous Mapmaker event on Tuesday 11th June 2013.

An eager group of Girl Geeks descended on the office to learn more about Mapmaker and how to contribute and edit Google maps through an informative and fun presentation, where we were introduced to thinking about why we might want to benefit our communities through enriching Google Maps.

We had plenty of questions for the team and had a good evening editing and chatting.  If you haven’t tried Mapmaker yet, have a go for yourself and if you’re not sure how to get started, there’s plenty of help available on the YouTube channel.

If you’re on Google Plus, why not follow Google Local London or follow them on twitter?

However, the fantastic Google Local London team also reminded us about reviewing places and even some of the more private amongst us seemed enthusiastic about the possibilities and uses of reviews.  For further information, have a look at the help pages!

Many thanks to Google for hosting us.  We had a fabulous evening of learning and networking and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

It was great to see a lovely group of Girl Geeks at Google and we’re looking forward to seeing you at RegentTweet this month!  Don’t forget that our birthday will be in August – hope to see many of you there!



Less than 24h left to sign up for RegentTweet Ticket Lottery

You have about 24h to get signed up for RegentTweet – the most hotly anticipated event from London Girl Geek Dinners and Sister PR who work with Regent St.

This year is focus on bloggers year and as such, you need to have a blog to enter. Please don’t be put off by this though as I know a lot of you are bloggers with your own blogs and you write about a whole range of things.

The registration for #RegentTweet is now LIVE and so please go to and click on the banner. You’ll see  a registration page pop up. There are a number of required fields  including Blog URL and Twitter name. In “How did you hear about us” PLEASE remember to put in “London Girl Geek Dinners” so that you can  be properly identified and membership of the Google Group is checked so make sure your name is on the Google Group profile.

This year, as last year, the RegentTweet is open to people not from  LGGD but this year it is open to male fashion bloggers as well as us.  But you know we make the most noise and we get things trending on  Twitter so let’s keep the positive momentum going! Let’s show then how  amazingly supporting LGGD are for Regent St and RegentTweet! I shopped  at Bose, Crabtree & Evelyn, Hawes & Curtis, Moulton Brown, the Apple  Store, East India Trading Company, WholeFoods, Nespresso, Freggo and  other shops on Regent St since last year – where have you shopped?  Tweet support for #RegentTweet and let them know what you loved, where  you shopped or what you’re hoping to do on the day this year!

Please start tweeting about your excitement over #RegentTweet too so  that we know you’ve signed up. Remember – this is a limited event and  so only a few will be selected but you need to enter to get into the  selection process 🙂