The London Girl Geek Dinners Drinks and Film ‘Best Friends Forever’

The London Girl Geek Dinners drinks and talks is being promoted along with a film called  Best Friends Forever .

The details for the event are below.

– 6.00pm arrivals and drinks
– 6.30pm talk starts (45mins max: 15-20 mins talk plus 5-10 mins Q&A each)
– 7.15pm Best Friends Forever (the lead, Vera is flying over for intro/q&a)
– 8.50pm finish

Stratford Picturehouse – East London, Salway Rd, London E15 1BX

We’ve made the talk part of the ticket for the screening of Best Friends Forever, so if you buy a ticket to BFF then you also get to come to the talk so ring 0871 902 5740 & quote ‘geek girls’ to get £5.50 ticket

Join us in the bar from 6.30pm for a LONDON GEEK GIRLS DINNERS Networking event. We then have a talk from Holly Gramazio, games designer at Hide and Seek and Ste Curran from One Life Left. Then this fantastic movie and we are super-excited that Vera Miao producer, co-writer and co-star of BEST FRIENDS FOREVER will be joining us for the screening and Q&A!

In this indie, post-apocalyptic THELMA AND LOUISE, two LA hipsters take a road trip across America, unaware of the mass destruction around them.

Harriet, played by Brea Grant (Daphne from HEROES), is a comic book artist, with issues. Her best friend is Reba (Vera Miao), a reckless fun-loving girl who is the antithesis of Harriet. They set off in a beat-up old hatchback to start a new life in Austin, Texas (possibly the hippest city in the US). En route, many misadventures befall our heroines, most of which are perpetuated by the events they are ignorant of.

Being low-budget, most of the apocalyptic elements come from inference, allowing the film to concentrate on the relationship between the two friends as they discover the truth of what has happened.

The two leads co-wrote the screenplay, with Brea directing and Vera producing and women held key crew roles: editing, sound and cinematography (it was shot on Super 16 film, rather than digitally). This is a film that easily passes the Bechdel Test, which is something of a rarity for genre films. While this is not hard sci-fi, it fits nicely into the postapocalyptic sub genre, and will especially appeal to audiences tired of seeing ‘tough men with guns’.

This is a great example of what can be done with relatively little money and plenty of imagination.

Some of the cast and crew are going to be attending so it is REALLY important that we fill that auditorium with LGGD members who are watching the film so the talk is part of the discounted ticket! Anyone who quotes ‘geek girls’ will get tickets for the screening of BEST FRIENDS FOREVER at the members rate of £5.50 rather than £8.50

Details about the film are here:

So please do buy a ticket, support SciFi London who have supported us so much and support this film which is important to support. Even if you don’t stay for the whole film, you’ll be helping out 🙂 ring 0871 902 5740 & quote ‘geek girls’ to get £5.50 ticket for the May 2nd LGGD event

Plus it means us LGGDers own the whole cinema – WOOOOOO!

See you at the SciFi London event May 2nd at the Stratford Picturehouse – East London, Salway Rd, London E15 1BX

Remember – ring 0871 902 5740 & quote ‘geek girls’ to get the £5.50 ticket

London Girl Geeks’ Facebook Invasion

A huge thank you to Facebook London for hosting us on Monday 10th September.  Philip Su, who’s worked with San Francisco Girl Geeks, opened the evening and Sonia Flynn, Srinath Anantharaju and Kuan Hon inspired us and tickled our curiosity with presentations on the human impact of Facebook, security measures and EU cookies law.

For those of you who weren’t able to join us, the event space was fabulous – enjoying presentations from a deck chair was certainly a new and welcome experience!  The pizza was yummy, there was plenty of drink and the post-presentation networking fuelled lots of interesting conversations.

We’re looking forward to running future events with Facebook London – if you’re not a member of the London Girl Geeks Dinners Google Group, join up to receive first notice of events and tickets.

So, thank you all for coming – we hope you had a wonderful time.

Thank you Facebook London for being fantastic hosts!

Site Abuse Detection and EU Cookies Law Event Hosted by Facebook

We’re very excited at London Girl Geek Dinners as Facebook have offered to host an event for us on Monday 10th September.

Director of Online Operations, Sonia Flynn, will open the evening with stories about Facebook’s impact on people’s lives.

One of Facebook’s key security engineers,  Srinath Anantharaju, will present a tech talk on how Facebook detects site abuse using custom tools and strategies.

Finally, Kuan Hon, PhD Candidate and Cloud Legal Project Consultant, will take us through EU cookies law.

As if that’s not enough, Facebook are kindly providing drinks and pizza as well as their lovely facilities.  It should be a great evening!


Tickets are already sold out for this event but we are already talking about running another event with Facebook again in the very near future.  To make sure you’re one of the first to know what the event will be about and when tickets are released, make sure you’re signed up to the London Girl Geeks Google Group.

We’re Turning 7 & We Want You To Join Us

We’re turning 7 on August 16 and the lovely folks at Mozilla have given us the use of their space for the evening. YAY MOZILLA!

We’ve decided that this year instead of a raffle (because I asked and people answered) that we will do a first past the post method with tickets released in 3 waves. We will be releasing the tickets on Thursday August 2nd at 2pm, Saturday August 4th at 12 noon and on Tuesday August 7th at 10am. This will hopefully mean everyone knows well in advance if they got a ticket and we will have a waiting list for those who didn’t get a ticket.

For free tickets join the London Girl Geek Google Group!

THANK YOU to the lovely Auto Trader who have already donated some lovely stuff for us. Also to Uber who are donating for the raffle and the amazing Thoughtworks may be helping too! I’m working on a sponsor for things like a cake and whatnot too so stay tuned!

There will be a raffle! As in previous years I’ll also work on getting some excellent stuff for the raffle so please do help support our efforts and buy a ticket (or 5) on the night! If you use one of the “donation tickets” you’ll get free raffle tickets as well 😉

Thanks so much everyone and thank you to Mozilla & Auto Trader & Uber & Thoughtworks  – WE LOVE YOU!

Would you like some love? We’re always looking for sponsors! You will get your product and company and jobs out in front of over 3,000 London-based geeky women. We can give you some details on what you’ll get if you get in touch at

Social and Economic Development Through Technology LGGD Event

On Wednesday June 27th we have another event happening at the fantastic Thoughtworks. This wheelchair-accessible venue is going to once again be hosting a London Girl Geek Dinners event. This time we have a fantastic topic for discussion of “social and economic development through technology”.

This is a free event – It’s going to be a great evening at Thoughtworks again and so do please join us for wine, juice, nibbles and a really interesting talk which I’m sure you’ll all enjoy. Of course, the evening is also about networking so remember to mix and mingle and hey – if you’re looking to perhaps change careers it never hurts to have a chat with the Thoughtworks folks who will be on hand.

So get ready for an excellent evening and chance the lack-of-summer blues away with great company at a great event!

To get the special URL for tickets, be sure to join the London Girl Geek Dinners Google group. We always release tickets there first!

There are still a few tickets left so pop over to the Google group, sign up and check the website for the URL for the tickets!

Annual Regent St Shopping Event – RegentTweet

RegentTweetOn June 23 we will be one again treated, through Sister PR and Regent St, to one of the most talked about and hotly anticipated events of the year –#RegentTweet

This the fourth year that the London Girl Geek Dinners folk will be shopping Regents Street thanks to Sister PR who organise the annual event.

Regent Tweet is an experiential shopping and lifestyle event for women that engages Regent Street’s fashion and lifestyle shops, bars and restaurants with online influencers.  The itinerary includes lectures exclusive to this event at the Apple Store, workshops and many opportunities to receive complimentary products and experiences from the Regent Street brands. The SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ Lounge and Concept Store will serve as the Regent Tweet Hub, where you can charge your phones, connect to WiFi, write your blog, upload and share images, drop your shopping bags off and relax before heading out again.

We are going to have a fantastic day out shopping on Regent BUT to be in with a chance to win one of the few coveted tickets you *must* be on the London Girl Geek Dinner Google Group.  This is the place where we announce all special URLs for hidden ticket opportunities.  Join the Google Group at:

All our events have tickets released to this list only so whether you are on the Facebook page, Twitter list, LinkdIn group or anywhere else, only our Google Group members get the special URL to get tickets so join today – it is FREE after all 😉

Sci-Fi London & London Girl Geek Dinners Presents… 2012

We’re going back to Sci-Fi London and once again you can buy your Sci-Fi London tickets at a discount as well since you’re a LGGD member! “GEEK GIRLS” is the code for your discount – THANK YOU SCI-FI LONDON!!

The London Gir Geek Dinner event will be on the evening of Thursday 3rd May.  The drinks will be from 19:30 with the talk starting at 9pm.  We have to do it this way because of the films in the screens.
Thanks so people not showing for the EA Games event we do have leftover wine so a big THANK YOU to EA Games for the wine 🙂 Have you contacted them yet about job opportunities?  You should! Amanda Cowie was the lovely person at the last event and you can contact her with your CV on
If anyone wants to go to screening of the shorts at 6:30 that evening it will be over in time for the LDDG talk – like previous years everyone will get a code for getting a discount on films at the festival.
We’re just confirming speakers. We hope to get a couple of women to talk about the ZX Spectrum and how it changed programming (especially for women) and possibly Raspberry Pi but this is proving difficult so we may have people speaking on Gaming but hey – that’s half the fun of going to a LGGD talk – no matter what the topic you know it is going to rock – and have the world’s largest power point slides!
So if you’d like a ticket for networking with other women and amazing talks, grab a ticket NOW!
Eventbrite - Sci-Fi London & London Girl Geek Dinners Presents... 2012
Remember – we opperate a 3 strikes policy so if you can’t make it please don’t grab a ticket and let someone else come – THANKS!