Sci-Fi London & London Girl Geek Dinners Presents… 2012

We’re going back to Sci-Fi London and once again you can buy your Sci-Fi London tickets at a discount as well since you’re a LGGD member! “GEEK GIRLS” is the code for your discount – THANK YOU SCI-FI LONDON!!

The London Gir Geek Dinner event will be on the evening of Thursday 3rd May.  The drinks will be from 19:30 with the talk starting at 9pm.  We have to do it this way because of the films in the screens.
Thanks so people not showing for the EA Games event we do have leftover wine so a big THANK YOU to EA Games for the wine 🙂 Have you contacted them yet about job opportunities?  You should! Amanda Cowie was the lovely person at the last event and you can contact her with your CV on
If anyone wants to go to screening of the shorts at 6:30 that evening it will be over in time for the LDDG talk – like previous years everyone will get a code for getting a discount on films at the festival.
We’re just confirming speakers. We hope to get a couple of women to talk about the ZX Spectrum and how it changed programming (especially for women) and possibly Raspberry Pi but this is proving difficult so we may have people speaking on Gaming but hey – that’s half the fun of going to a LGGD talk – no matter what the topic you know it is going to rock – and have the world’s largest power point slides!
So if you’d like a ticket for networking with other women and amazing talks, grab a ticket NOW!
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Remember – we opperate a 3 strikes policy so if you can’t make it please don’t grab a ticket and let someone else come – THANKS!