Want to Organise Girl Geek Dinners in London?

Since most of the current organisation committee are now based outside of London or have high workloads we’re looking for some new members and a leader for our organising committee.

What we are looking for are passionate, driven women who love the IT industry and want to help encourage more people into the industry and make the industry a friendly and welcoming place for those currently in the industry. We are looking for people who have great ideas, connections with geeky companies and people who have spare time available on a regular basis to spend time creating events, update the website, market the events and keep an eye on the e-mail inbox. All organisers must be really good at communication as communication really has been something that is key to our success!

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Fly Me to the Moon release If you are interested in joining the organisation committee please send us an e-mail detailing what areas you see yourself being most useful in, and why you are passionate about helping out with this community. Please note that the events are non-profit and the organisers are unpaid volunteers.

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On a personal note I will be stepping down in August as the key organiser for London Girl Geek Dinners due to an increased workload and my Girl Geek Dinner focus being placed more on supporting and structuring the Global Girl Geek Dinners and on getting Girl Geek Dinners it’s charitable status within the UK but with a focus on taking the charity global. I’m also looking for a friendly lawyer and accountant to work with us on the Girl Geek Dinners worldwide charitable work on a pro bono basis. If you know of anyone suitable or are interested then please e-mail me and I’d be happy to discuss this further with you.

Round Up: London Girl Geek Dinner – Getting Into IT

A few weeks back the London Girl Geeks descended upon Central Foundation Girls School to meet the students, both past and present, to discuss how to get into IT.  The event was sponsored by OpenNETCF Consulting Black Christmas download Big Stan the movie Gang of Roses dvdrip

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Somewhere in Time full Oh, God! You Devil ipod , who do consultancy work on .net and specialize in Windows Mobile, Windows CE and embedded software development. Without them we wouldn’t have had the great array of pizza’s and soft drinks before the start of the talks!  They were very much appreciated.

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The session was good and the students seemed to get a lot out of it, as did a few of the teachers there.  If you are thinking about going into your local school and talking then it’s well worth doing!  I’m sure the teachers who follow our blog will tell you that!  And the schools are very good at co-ordinating and helping outsiders come into the schools.

Take a look at the video and feel free to add your own pieces of advice for youngsters looking to get into the IT industry in the comments below.  You can also annotate the video with your comments.  I haven’t added any so far but they are open to all for comments!

In The Guardian (G2)

So we ended up in today’s Guardian. As soon as I manage to get a copy of the article I’ll put a pic up on here of it… However in the meantime you can also read it here: Geek Goddess. To be honest the start of this article comes across as a bit ra ra… but really we are all very geeky and down to earth. I don’t want Girl Geeks being put off by the tone of the article so I thought I’d mention that now.

And I also wanted to bring to light that it’s not just us adults that are being geeky online. There are youngsters too just starting out their journey into blogging! A great example of a student just starting out is: Whatever Things

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a student from a central London School. Her 2 poems there are great and well worth a read. Feel free to give her feedback and support her learning! The idea of getting students to blog as part of their coursework on this occasion was brough to you by DigitalMaverick, aka Drew Buddie. He’s one of a few teachers that are encouraging their students to get into technology and a great role model to other teachers!

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As you read in the article we do have a couple of events coming up including our 3 year anniversary event at Google and we will announce the sign up details for that here on this website at the end of july (the anniversary event is towards the end of August) Before that we also have an event in planning on the 25th June. The details for that event will also be placed on this site.

Drop Zone movie full If you are interested in speaking at one of our events or are intersted in sponsoring one of our events then please do get in contact with us. (all contact information is on our contact us page! )

Have a great day and keep being geeky!