Less than 24h left to sign up for RegentTweet Ticket Lottery

You have about 24h to get signed up for RegentTweet – the most hotly anticipated event from London Girl Geek Dinners and Sister PR who work with Regent St.

This year is focus on bloggers year and as such, you need to have a blog to enter. Please don’t be put off by this though as I know a lot of you are bloggers with your own blogs and you write about a whole range of things.

The registration for #RegentTweet is now LIVE and so please go to http://247.regentstreetonline.com/ and click on the banner. You’ll see  a registration page pop up. There are a number of required fields  including Blog URL and Twitter name. In “How did you hear about us” PLEASE remember to put in “London Girl Geek Dinners” so that you can  be properly identified and membership of the Google Group is checked so make sure your name is on the Google Group profile.

This year, as last year, the RegentTweet is open to people not from  LGGD but this year it is open to male fashion bloggers as well as us.  But you know we make the most noise and we get things trending on  Twitter so let’s keep the positive momentum going! Let’s show then how  amazingly supporting LGGD are for Regent St and RegentTweet! I shopped  at Bose, Crabtree & Evelyn, Hawes & Curtis, Moulton Brown, the Apple  Store, East India Trading Company, WholeFoods, Nespresso, Freggo and  other shops on Regent St since last year – where have you shopped?  Tweet support for #RegentTweet and let them know what you loved, where  you shopped or what you’re hoping to do on the day this year!

Please start tweeting about your excitement over #RegentTweet too so  that we know you’ve signed up. Remember – this is a limited event and  so only a few will be selected but you need to enter to get into the  selection process 🙂