EA Interactive & LGGD Forensics Event

On the lower level of the O2 Workshop, the London Girl Geek Dinners had a fantastic event sponsored by the lovely folk at EA Interactive.  The lovely people at the O2 Workshop offered us a great deal if we wanted to renew or sign up on the night – so much so I wish I had been able to take advantage!

The theme of the event was “Computer Forensics” and after a fantastic introductory session, we were introduced to some great tools being developed to find people doing bad things or things that had gone before on their hard drive.

Probably the most shocking talk was the first one. It really opened everyone’s eyes to how computers work, how erasing a disk works, how disk recovery works, and how it is almost impossible to erase all information from a hard drive.  As a rather ancient computer sits in my hall waiting to be taken to the dump, I’m trying to figure out just how to wipe all the information from the disk drives or whether a sledge hammer really is enough!

Apparently our identities are bought and sold rather cheaply and one of the reasons criminals like our mobile phones is for our personal data – eek! But the things we learned that night are going to last for all the women who were there. I know I learned a lot and I think everyone really learned a lot that night.

Our next event will be at Sci-fi London and as always, we will also have a special deal for tickets.  Sign up to the Google Group for London Girl Geek Dinners to get information on the event, special discount tickets for the event or information about any of our events.

If you’d like a chance to work at EA Interactive, pop over to their careers page or contact Amanda Cowie and see what is available. See you in May!