GGD #66 Survival guide for being heard and encouraging diversity of thinking

Caroline Morris is a data geek turned Leadership coach, who founded Wide Eyed Group, a leadership and team coaching business.  Her passion of developing people was nurtured during her 20-year career working in data; leading teams of data scientists, developers and analysts.

Her background also means she understands the pressures faced within technical teams. Like the cultural barriers that can exist between logical, technically-minded data scientists and their extroverted, fast-paced colleagues in sales and marketing. Or the challenges of moving into a leadership position after excelling in a more practical ‘doer’ role.

Caroline’s coaching style is adaptable, slotting seamlessly into any organisation and providing actionable strategies that teams can use to transform their way of working.

She has turned her love of “helping people to be the best they can be” into her new career of transformational coaching:

A qualified coach, who uses Positive Psychology, Transactional Analysis, NLP techniques with Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment in her coaching practice. Her passion for the power of attention and listening has led her to become a Time to Think Facilitator and she can help you and your team communicate more powerfully with each other.  She is also a Master Emotional Capital Report practitioner who can help you understand your level of EQ and areas to develop to help you develop yourself and your team.

Caroline previously ran a couple of great workshops for the Womens Tech Hub during the day and it went down so well that we thought she would be the perfect speaker for our women who are working. We feel that it would be great to learn some skills on how to survive in the workplace and have a voice as its a discussion that we hear often that our members struggle with.

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