GGD #67 Cryptography and Cluster Computing with Scott Logic

Susan Thomson: “Security is a game”, Susan Thomson


Susan is a developer at Scott Logic. Previously she was a postdoctoral researcher in cryptography at the University of Bristol. Please don’t talk to her about your altcoin

Good cryptography is becoming increasingly important for everyone. But how do we know if an encryption scheme is any good? Susan will talk about what it means when cryptographers say that an encryption scheme is secure.

Paulin Shek: Apache Spark – what, and why”, Paulin Shek

Paulin Shek

Paulin is a developer at Scott Logic. When not doing client work, she’s levered some time to write internal training materials on Apache Spark, and she also runs a Data Engineering study group that meets on a weekly basis.

Cluster computing is something that has become more accessible, beyond academics and large companies, over the past few years. This is partly due to frameworks such as Apache Spark. However, with the advent of new technologies comes a whole new set of terms and buzzwords. Paulin will give an introduction to cluster computing, and explain the motivation behind Spark.


Thursday 17th May 2018 – 6.30/7  – 9pm

Doors open at 18:30 talks start around 7pm


This meetup is kindly sponsored once again by Scott Logic who have been hosting us for a few years now with some great speakers.
They have a new website which regularly posts new and interesting tech blogs and has a careers page, which illustrates new vacancies across their 4 office locations.

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