Oracle and Bristol GGD talk #52

As promised I am going to try and get a bit more active with the blogs for the GGD’s so heres the first of hopefully many!

We had a great talk last night – kindly hosted by Oracle in their new swish offices, Thom Legget was kindly given the pleasure of managing us as Jude and Phil who set it up had run off to Glastonbury, looking at the mud pics earlier in the day I think I was happier with free wine and pizza and talking Data!  So Thanks Thom!

We had talks from Jen Williams from Networked Planets, Martha King from Knowle West media Centre and Katherine Rooney Bristol City council and managing the Cuncils Open Data work.

The Dinners are only a success thanks to members attending and we had a great turnout last night – we had a lot of interest in the data management, Helen Woodcock was there discussing their free training offer KETL training

Oracle also have a free training offer – we’ll follow up on whats involved there as they are just putting it together.

Katherine Rooney from Bristol City Council’s ‘City Innovation team’ manages the Council’s Open Data work, offered up our members a special free open data institute membership ODI membership

When asked if you are affiliated with a Node, please select Bristol! – It may look just like the normal ODI membership page, but it’s a unique link for the Bristol complimentary membership so you should be able to complete your membership without making any payment.” (i’ve just joined and she’s right it is free!!)

Lastly we introduced Dana who regularly attends our affiliate support group Womens Tech Hubs F3F see the events page WTH events page.  Dana is helping set up the TEDx Bristol event next year and they are looking for speakers and helpers so please take a look TEDx Bristol WTH post

We have next months talk planned – but currently nothing planned for post the summer break, HP are looking to host one but if anyone has any offers for speakers or hosting then please get in touch with us.


Hopefully see you all at the next event