#NWED2016 Two Days to Go!

National Women in Engineering Day takes place on 23 June 2016 and is a national awareness day to support, inspire, celebrate and raise the profile of women in engineering. It is also an opportunity to draw attention to the amazing careers in engineering for girls and young people. #NWED2016
The day is coordinated by the Women’s Engineering Society.

This is what you still have time to do….And there are plenty more ideas on the NWED website.

Contact a School
Get in touch with your local school or your old school. Tell them it’s National Women in Engineering Day and offer to go in to speak to the their students or deliver some outreach one day in the future. Make that link and build on it. If you need resources to take in then plenty are available online.

Join their Thunderclap; tweet in a photograph of yourself working (preferably something that could be used in the press to represent a person working in engineering rather than a picture of yourself); or send your own tweet in support of #NWED2016. Follow some of the most prominent women in STEM on Twitter here.

Pledge your Support
Pledge to do something to support or inspire the next generation of engineers over the coming year. Become a mentor, visit a school, become a STEM Ambassador, take a media training course and engage with the media, take on a work experience student, enter yourself for an award and raise your profile…..

Bring your Daughter to Work
Bring your Daughter to Work or even just talk to your daughters and their friends about what you do as an engineer. Did you know that 76% of people follow a career when they know somebody else who does it?

Wear Purple
…and tell people you’re supporting National Women in Engineering Day!