British Women in Manga who live near London and like cheese…

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Sci-fi London for putting on the excellent LGGD British Women in Manga evening yesterday….

Sci-fi London runs until 3rd May and there are still some tickets left – plus if you tell them you’re a LGGD member you get a fabulous 10% discount! Check out the progamme here!

We also need to say another huge thank you to our panel – our British Women in Manga, for presenting their work and for the hugely passionate panel discussion afterwards. There were so many questions that we could have kept the Q&A open for another 2 hours and still not have finished!

There were a few themes to the evening, with the panel discussing the use of technology within the comic creation process, and the different ways in which the 3 artists work.

Also of interest were the differences between British & European, North American and Asian styles of illustrating, storytelling and portraying emotion.

Getting on to the differences between Shojo and Shounen, the panel were also asked whether it’s more difficult for women to break into the comic industry, to which the conclusion was it’s just difficult; (whether you’re male or female)!

There was also a debate as to our habit of putting everything into boxes; hence the title of this post, a quote from Emma Vieceli, who it’s fair to say, doesn’t like to over categorize things; and we have to say we agree – let’s celebrate having a diverse comic industry and spread the word!

On that note, please check out our panel’s websites:

Emma Vieceli
From Manga Shakespeare to Dragon Heir webcomics… check out Emma’s site at:

Kate Brown
See why Kate won the 2010 Arts Foundation Fellowship Graphic Novels award, and follow her work on the forthcoming Fish & Chocolate at:

Karen Rubins
Currently working on an intruiging new project, having just finished a residency at the V& A museum, Karen’s  (self coded) website is at:

And also worth checking out; her V&A blog at:

London Expo

Plus for anyone interested in all things cartoon/manga/illustration; you might like to check out London Expo; at the Excel Centre; 29th and 30th May 2010.