(London) Girl Geek Dinner: 3 Year Anniversary! – Sponsored by Google!

Girl Geek Dinners have been going now for almost three years!  (Officially that would be 3 years on the 16th August 2008 but due to venue availability we are celebrating on the 28th instead!)  So we had a long think about the perfect place for a reasonably large girl geek birthday/ anniversary party and came to the conclusion that Google are great hosts with the perfect space, so we asked them if they would like to join us in our celebration! Lucky for us they said yes!!!

The Stepford Wives video

We thought it was a good chance to get together, share some wine, food and conversation!

It should be a fun event and one that I hope you will all enjoy.  There is only one release of tickets for this event.  After which a reserves list will be created.  Tickets will be strictly on a first come first served basis.  Sign up early to avoid disappointment.  We will also do our best to live stream the event via UStream.tv to here and the girlgeekdinners.com site.

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10 thoughts on “(London) Girl Geek Dinner: 3 Year Anniversary! – Sponsored by Google!

  1. admin

    @Ben, actually it was just using powerpoint and importing images from the cliparts. 😉 It’s amazing what you can do with something so simple 😉


  2. admin

    @Ben yep, I just customized the background, added some silouettes and logo’s… then added the text… The font colours are as they were in the theme. 🙂 It took me about 30 mins to do from start to end.


  3. Ethel

    was at the event yesterday its was a good event . The talks were quite informative , i particularly enjoyed the talk by the teacher not the most articulate guy but his passion was very evident
    and ooh thanks google for the food


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