If you can’t see it, just be it!

Too often women say they struggle to find relevant role models in tech.

Rather than moaning about there not being enough role models we need to pull our socks up and start becoming the role models for the next generation.

Ladies rather than looking for others to step up and become your role models, step up and take the mantle.

  • Be the role models
  • Share your stories
  • Support those coming into the industry
  • Mentor & advocate
  • Start shaping the industry
  • Make the rules
  • Share the triumphs and the failures
  • Be honest, open and inspirational
  • Be visible

If you are stuck on how you can do any of these. A quick Google search will tell you all about mentoring opportunities. There are loads of projects calling for inspirational stories of women working in tech. There are opportunities to network locally make yourself known to schools, other networks etc. Even within your own organisation… Share those stories you find and share your own!

Challenge the salary differences, stand up to being marginalized. Don’t take the past as a representation of how it will be in the future (that’s called conforming to stereotypes and stereotypes have a nasty way of self perpetuating unless they are challenged). Don’t accept poor excuses and bad manners. And this doesn’t just mean ladies have to do it all!

Men you too need to step up here. Male advocates for women in tech are in short supply. You too can support women in tech by doing all of the above and challenge those that stand in their way and yours! This is your industry too! Take some responsibility and ownership too, help shape it into an industry we can all be proud of! Here are a few tips on how you could do that.

This sector needs fundamental changes which means people need to believe this industry can and will change. Without these changes we limit the future of technology itself. No one wants that.

Let’s show the other industries that change can happen and fast. After all technology changes so rapidly why shouldn’t people…

We are Girl Geek Dinners but more importantly we are a voice for change.

(London) Girl Geek Dinner: 3 Year Anniversary! – Sponsored by Google!

Girl Geek Dinners have been going now for almost three years!  (Officially that would be 3 years on the 16th August 2008 but due to venue availability we are celebrating on the 28th instead!)  So we had a long think about the perfect place for a reasonably large girl geek birthday/ anniversary party and came to the conclusion that Google are great hosts with the perfect space, so we asked them if they would like to join us in our celebration! Lucky for us they said yes!!!

The Stepford Wives video

We thought it was a good chance to get together, share some wine, food and conversation!

It should be a fun event and one that I hope you will all enjoy.  There is only one release of tickets for this event.  After which a reserves list will be created.  Tickets will be strictly on a first come first served basis.  Sign up early to avoid disappointment.  We will also do our best to live stream the event via UStream.tv to here and the girlgeekdinners.com site.

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In The Guardian (G2)

So we ended up in today’s Guardian. As soon as I manage to get a copy of the article I’ll put a pic up on here of it… However in the meantime you can also read it here: Geek Goddess. To be honest the start of this article comes across as a bit ra ra… but really we are all very geeky and down to earth. I don’t want Girl Geeks being put off by the tone of the article so I thought I’d mention that now.

And I also wanted to bring to light that it’s not just us adults that are being geeky online. There are youngsters too just starting out their journey into blogging! A great example of a student just starting out is: Whatever Things

A Fish Called Wanda dvd

a student from a central London School. Her 2 poems there are great and well worth a read. Feel free to give her feedback and support her learning! The idea of getting students to blog as part of their coursework on this occasion was brough to you by DigitalMaverick, aka Drew Buddie. He’s one of a few teachers that are encouraging their students to get into technology and a great role model to other teachers!

Horror on dvd

As you read in the article we do have a couple of events coming up including our 3 year anniversary event at Google and we will announce the sign up details for that here on this website at the end of july (the anniversary event is towards the end of August) Before that we also have an event in planning on the 25th June. The details for that event will also be placed on this site.

Drop Zone movie full If you are interested in speaking at one of our events or are intersted in sponsoring one of our events then please do get in contact with us. (all contact information is on our contact us page! )

Have a great day and keep being geeky!