Girl Geeks wanted. Help Needed.

Reading Girl Geek Dinners needs volunteers to help us to keep the group going in 2016. We have big plans but little time to execute them and therefore we need some interested Girl Geeks to become a part of a team and work with us to deliver great events in 2016 and beyond.

You can give a lot or a little of your time. Anything you can do to help us is a brilliant contribution to the Reading Girl Geek Dinners chapter. You will help to grow our community and allow us to continue encouraging women into STEM roles. Your contribution will also help to support women who are currently working in STEM roles and aim to keep them growing in these roles.

We will meet once every few weeks either over coffee, a meal, a drink or Skype if time is tight so we can discuss our events, activities and share tasks. We can always stay in touch over the phone, email or face to face in between those times. It’s about being flexible and enjoying the tasks that we fulfill. It’s also about making new friends and contacts too.

The tasks that we need to fulfill include (to name a few):

  • Locating venues for events
  • Attracting sponsors for events
  • Co-ordinating and promoting events
  • Locating speakers for events and working with them to ensure their talk is a good fit for our group
  • Promoting Girl Geek Dinners via Twitter or Facebook
  • Writing blogs for our website promoting STEM careers
  • Locating Guest Bloggers for our website and working with them to help their blog contributions are a good fit for our group

To be a Reading Girl Geek Dinner team member, you don’t have to work in a STEM career. You simply need to have an interest in meeting other interesting people and having a fun time learning new things and a desire to build a community.

Contact us at for more details.


We look forward to getting Girl Geeky with you.