Gadgets Every Tech Lover Needs in Their Home


For the geeky gadget lover, there’s nothing better than having your home life be synced, scheduled, and set to optimal efficiency, and to move through each day with the help of your handy devices. However, with these gadgets, it’s about more than just convenience. It’s also about making your home into a place that’s fun, innovative and always ready for a party—just ask Ivee below to turn on the music and you’ll know what we mean…

Here are 4 gadgets that every tech lover needs to have in their home.


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Blossom Coffee

For the coffee loving geek who believes that a great cup of java requires as much science and engineering as computer programming does, you’ll find yourself in good company with Blossom Coffee. In an effort to uncover the “core science” behind what makes coffee really great they created the Blossom Brewer, a coffee making machine that executes the process flawlessly each and every time. With temperature regulating technology and precise user interaction software that claims to be even better than a smartphone, both you and your Blossom Coffee Brewer will be the perfect geeky pair.



















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BEDDI Alarm Clock

The BEDDI Alarm Clock is sort of like having your Mom and a hotel concierge service wake you up each morning. From the moment your alarm gently goes off, a mood lighting setting begins to slowly rouse you from a deep sleep. BEDDI’s next task is to dutifully alert you of both traffic and weather conditions to let you know exactly how much time you have until you need to leave for work and what to wear before you head out the door. But wait, it gets even geekier: wake up to your favorite Spotify playlists and get a pot of coffee brewing before you even leave your bed so that you start your day feeling well rested and refreshed.

















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Ivee Voice

For the ultimate in geeky futuristic lifestyle gadgets, there’s Ivee Voice. Ivee can sync to all your wireless smart devices and act as a main hub to connect and control your house, phones, electricity, and even order you a pizza! Perhaps one of the most intriguing (or creepy—you decide) aspects of Ivee is the way you can speak to her as if you were talking to a fellow geeky friend. Since the device is meant to be voice-control only, it instinctively picks up and memorizes the unique sound of your voice to anticipate your wants and needs. Besides getting to know you and all your little quirks, Ivee can even play music or read you an e-book!


Nest Thermostat

What better way to tend to your nest than with an energy efficient home gadget like Nest Thermostat? At Modernize we’re passionate about creating a space that makes you and the world a better place through eco-friendly design and that warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing your home is exactly the way you like it—and Nest’s smart technology does just that. As you set the daily temperature for your home, Nest will memorize the times and temperatures throughout the day and night and intuitively change it for you. It can even be synced up with Ivee Voice!




Guest blog by: Katherine Oakes