I’m a Girl Geek because ……….

As I while away my afternoon putting final touches on our Reading Girl Geek Dinners event for next Wednesday 30th May, I started thinking about the theme of the event.

I’m a Girl Geek because …. This made me think a little more about why I am a Girl Geek and now I will set the ball rolling for you.

Being the mother of a young child, I often hear myself saying to him “When I was a child, I didn’t have half the luxuries you have now …..”. Have you heard that before? I’m sure you have from your parents, grand parents, older friends, etc. Never a truer word has been said. Technology has come along in leaps and bounds since my childhood in the 70’s (not trying to give my age away or anything).

When I was a child, the idea of being able to run my life from a portable device was something incredibly futuristic and beyond my young imagination. Now I have that device and many more. I have to admit that it’s a scary thought of what life would now be like without my smartphone. Things such as satellite navigation, Sky+, X10 to remotely function lights and appliances in your house, smart phones, even a hoover that looks like a flying saucer and scoots around my house without me having to life a finger. How amazing is that! That’s also only to name a few technological items of genius.

The other thing I hear myself telling my child is how brilliant it is to live in the world today. It’ such an exciting time to be living with all of the current technology and the rapid rate of advancement in technology. I am delighted and somewhat amazed to also be working in the middle of it. Having started a career in Software testing, I now implement Service Management tools into global organisations, without even leaving the office. I can work with Australians, Americans, Europeans, simply from the comfort of my chair.

I can see and hear them on Skype, I can email them and share my thoughts and I can even create diagrams and simply click a button and my customer can see it. How awesome is the world today. This is how I spend much of my time communicating for Reading Girl Geek Dinners. Twitter, Facebook, email …. all forms of technology across the World Wide Web which allows me to reach people in the far ends of the world.

I’m a Girl Geek because I live, breathe, work and play technology. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it stimulates me and gives me an adrenalin rush to be around it and work or play with it. Best of all, technology still has a long way to go before we are done creating. I love the fact that I can be a part of that too and that I can share it with people like you.

If you’re attending the Reading Girl Geek Dinner event next Wednesday, we will be asking you why you’re a Girl Geek (or Guy Geek) and we will be posting a blog with your comments after the event. If you can’t attend, please add to the discussion here by leaving a comment. Please start it with “I’m a Girl/Guy Geek, because…”

Hear from you soon,