LondonGGD at the London SciFi Film Festival

It was a lovely evening when the London Girl Geek Dinners swept into the bar at the Apollo theatre and drank the bar dry of the delightful Dinastia Vivanco wine (which was perfectly chilled) and went in to the cinema with sweet popcorn to listen to and watch two inspirational women speak.

Anna Higgs of Quark Films and producer of “The People Vs George Lucas” was first up.  Her film short was amazing and she showed herself to be very passionate.  She was incredibly articulate and in all she was charming as despite being ill she spoke at length about her other projects, including her latest project about the Student protests. We also got to listen to Leilani Holmes from film-makers networking group OTT who had some great clips she showed us.  She described how directing a 23 second animated movie about plastic dinosaurs has changed her life and she went on to do more and more filmmaking.

It was a wonderful evening and those who were lucky enough to stay overnight got treated to 5 black & whitemovies, bucks fizz and Haggen Daz.  YUM!

Stay tuned for news of our next even – SHOPPING ON REGENT ST!  The most talked about, anticipated event of the year!