Regents Street Shopping with London Girl Geeks

Fashionable shopping destination Regent Street is teaming up with London Girl Geek Dinners to offer a futuristic shopping day which includes experiences from a presentation at the Apple Store, Augmented Reality interactive displays, free beauty and technology products that will be revealed through the latest technology on your smart phone.  Throughout the day there are also opportunities for free lunches and cocktails.

Get your name on the list to get a ticket to this event full of fun fabulous freebies.  There will be all sorts of fun and excitement to kick off this day at the Apple Store where we will all gather to hear a great talk before getting our instructions and getting off to explore the shopping of Regents Street.

This is a gadgeted event so bring your smartphone, laptop and all your tech to blog, tweet, and QR your way around the day.  There will be a technology hub called “basecamp” where you’ll be able to plug in your technology, edit your videos, blog, tweet or just relax before getting back at it.

Remember you have to be registered so go to the London Girl Geek Dinners google group for the secret URL and in the top right corner of the special page click on “register”.  If you click elsewhere you won’t be able to sign up.

You *MUST* be registered to get in to this event.  Men *MUST* be a guest of a registered and attending Girl Geek.  There are non  Girl Geek Dinner people clamouring to get into this event so please sign up ASAP.  Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask (but as I work full time I can only check emails once a day – sorry!)

Here is out schedule of events:


Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get details of the timings for the day.

Get your name ticked off our list of registered attendees and we’ll meet and get a talk on “The Internet of Things: Digital Cows and the ways in which online behaviours are influencing the real world.”

You need to be on the list to get in to the event so remember to go to the London Girl Geek Dinners group and join to get access to the special URL.

 We’ll then head off for some lovely Shopping along Regent Street where we can hit the shops; Enjoy the sunshine; Take advantage of the fantastic offers; But most importantly, Have Fun! The day is yours so make the most of it. Remember you can always nip back to the basecamp to relax, cool down & drop your bags off before heading back out onto the streets.

We’ll end out day at the tech hub called “Basecamp” where you will have been able to store stuff, charge your tech, edit your videos, blog or whatever and we’ll have cocktails, share our experiences with the other girls and take part in the interactive presentation.

See you and your tech there! 🙂