Welcome to the Bristol Girl Geeks website !

We are a community of women interested in Engineering & Technology.
Bristol Girl Geek Dinners are the best excuse we found to get together and have an enjoyable evening !

Girl Geek Dinners are organised all over the world. They are a lot of fun and provide a great environment for women to talk about technology. There is generally a speaker who talks for a short while on a chosen subject for each event.

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Louisa Radice

    I live in Exeter and evening events may not be as convenient for me to attend. Do you meet at any other times of day? Or do you know of an equivalent group in Exeter?


  2. Bristol Girl Geek Dinners

    Hi Louisa,

    I am not aware of any Girl Geek Dinners closer to Exeter than Bristol. We are just starting out here, and we haven’t decided yet what time the meetings will be held. I am sure we could organise a day time or weekend event once in a while. Please check the blog or join our Facebook group. I’ll post any updates on both.



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