dConstruct – Girl Geek Picnic

Alongside this year’s dConstruct there will be a Girl Geek Picnic which is being organized by our very own Girl Geek from Brighton,

Rosie Sherry!

Intoxicating move

Since the event is in the early planning stages there is just a wiki sign up

Legend release

Candyman ipod

The Perfect Man release and further details will come out as and when they are announced on the Wiki.  If you are planning on going to dConstruct then do consider joining in with the picnic.  And as always if you are a guy, you are invited to attend with one of the girl geeks, so pop your name down too! We also have a discount code that Girl Geeks can use to get a reduced rate for this event.  This can be mailed out on request. Just send an e-mail titled Girl Geeks at dConstruct and we will send you the details of this.