How the Internet Gives Entrepreneurs the Edge :: A Joint Event with London Girl Geeks, Silicon Stilettos & Self-Publishing

Far from being the cruellest month, April is our most benevolent and busiest so far this year, with the SCI-FI LONDON event taking place on 30th April (for which there are still places, sign up now!), and also an opportunity for us to hold the below joint event with those sassy Silicon Stilettos, and Blurb, who are kindly sponsoring the event to be held at the Soho Hotel, Soho.

The event will commence from 6.45pm in Screening Room 2 at the Soho Hotel. Unfortunately, Blurb’s CEO, Eileen Gittens, has had to cancel her trip to London, so the event will now commence with a talk from Aruna Khanzada, a photographer and member of Blurbnation, a community of editors, writers, designers, artists, and photographers who have all built or added to their own businesses making books for clients on the Blurb platform. Aruna will be accompanied by Teresa Pereira from Blurb, who will be available for the Q&A session answer any questions you may have on Blurb or Blurbnation, after which, the event will flow on to the drinks reception.

We are delighted we’re able to share the opportunity to learn more about the Blurbnation community with Aruna :

  • Aruna Khanzada :: Formerly a barrister, Aruna took up photography as her profession after the birth of her two children. Despite a successful 15 years at the Bar, Aruna has now started her own extremely successful business, Open and Shut, combining photography and book publishing. Aruna will talk about how the Internet has enabled her to build a business creating and selling products on her own terms.
  • Teresa Pereira :: Aruna will be accompanied by Teresa Pereira from Blurb, who will be available for the Q&A session answer any questions people may have on Blurb or Blurbnation.

    Do join us for the talk, post-talk drinks and for entrepreneurially-inclined conversations/networking!

Many thanks to Eileen, Kate & Suz for helping make things happen!

Full Details:

I Can’t Think Straight full The Octagon dvd

    The Truman Show dvdrip

  • Date & Time: Thursday, 23rd April 2009, from 6.45pm
  • End Time: The event will continue until around 10.00pm
  • Venue:

    Screening Room 2, Soho Hotel, 4 Richmond Mews, W1D 3DH. The Soho Hotel is situated in a quiet street between Dean and Wardour Street in Soho, the heart of London’s ‘entertainment’ neighbourhood.

  • Hosted by: Girl Geek Dinners, Silicon Stilettos and Blurb
  • Food & Drink: Refreshments provided courtesy of Blurb
  • Subject for the evening: How the Internet Gives Entrepreneurs the Edge
  • Format: Talk, post-talk refreshments, and conversations.
  • Capacity: 50 people (with 20 spaces through Silicon Stilettos)
  • Attendees: As ever, boy geeks are welcome to attend if invited by a girl geek although on this occasion we do stress that there are few and limited spaces so more boy geeks = less girl geeks.

If you’d like to attend on 23rd April, please sign up via this link, and we’ll see you at the event!