Call to Action: Speaker required for Tech Inspire Workshop

Women & Tech… Central Foundation Girls School would like to invite the Girl Geeks to speak with their students at another of their e-learning days… Please contact Janet Chapman if you are interested in either of the options below:

Slither video

  • Any of your members might be interested in running a workshop..
  • Whether any of the other groups or one of the Girl Geeks in London would be interested in holding another Girl Geek Dinner or similar event at our school in the evening…

If interested please contact Janet Chapman jchapman atcentral.towerhamlets dot sch dot uk

3 thoughts on “Call to Action: Speaker required for Tech Inspire Workshop

  1. Mazz Mosley

    I’ve just signed up to do this. I’ve never done anything like this or spoken at an event before so if anyone has any handy tips/advice, please please share! 🙂 thanks.


  2. admin

    Be honest, keep it light and fun and most of all expect there to be lots of questions. Thank you for getting in touch with them. They are a lovely group of people. Some of the students can be a bit unruly but they are just a bit scared of not knowing as much as you.

    Inspire them! And do let us know how it goes. We’d love to hear. 🙂 They video’d the last one for us so that we could publish it, if they do the same feel free to send us over a copy! 🙂



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