Reading Girl Geek Dinner 2 Announced

[tweetmeme source=readinggd]It’s back again!  Yes you heard that right we are up and ready to roll with the second Reading Girl Geek Dinner.  As some of you may recall we did the first event at the Bel and Dragon.  Well we liked the venue and the food there was great so we are back their again for the second event.

We haven’t yet chosen a theme for the event and don’t have a key speaker but if you would like to make a suggestion or offer to do a short 15 minute talk on a subject of your choosing then do let us know and we’ll publish the details of that on the sign up page.

So all there is left to say is:

The usual rules apply, if you are male and would like to attend this event then you will need to be invited by one of the females attending the event. (Each female has only one invite)

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