Round Up of London Girl Geek Dinner Sponsored By Microsoft

Well I’m not sure that I really need to write a lot, this event pretty much spoke for itself.  We had two fabulous speakers and their talks were great. First up we had Elisabeth Kelan Braveheart movie download who did a great talk about gender, technology and innovation.  There were some great stats that came out of her research and you can find out more about that over on her site.

And then we followed on with a talk from Julie Lerman which sparked controversy, chaos and enticing conversations about what is and isn’t acceptable in the IT industry, along with how thing have changed over the years. (Expect comments on clevage both in the video and on Julie’s site sorrounding this talk.)

And the podcasts:

Elisabeth Kelan

Mr. Moto in Danger Island buy

Julie Lerman 13 Moons on dvd

2 thoughts on “Round Up of London Girl Geek Dinner Sponsored By Microsoft

  1. Nicole Mathison

    Hi Charles, yes absolutely, men are welcome to attend any Girl Geek events if they are invited by a woman – this is to ensure the numbers remain at least 50% female.

    To find out when the London events take place do either subscribe to this blog or otherwise join whichever Mailing List you prefer.


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