London Girl Geek Dinner October Sponsored by Microsoft

Following the success of the London Girl Geek Dinner 3 year Anniversary we have been fortunate enough to gain access to Microsoft’s Auditorium for one of our biggest events yet.  We have an awesome speaker lineup including none other than the wonderful Julie Lerman of The Data Farm and the inspirational Dr Elizabeth Kelan bringing with them a wealth of expertise, knowledge and experience for us all to learn from.

The Talks

Julie Lerman: “Defining the –ette in Geekette”

Twenty years ago, Julie Lerman learned that she had to act and dress like the guys in order to fit into the IT Industry. Today she’s found that the cover-up is no longer necessary. Many of her “girly” qualities have become advantageous in a world of geeks where she now speaks at conferences all over the world and has just finished writing her first programming book for O’Reilly Press. Julie will share with the London Girl Geeks some of this historical perspective and lessons learned.


Julie Lerman is an independent consultant and .NET Mentor who has been designing and writing software applications for over 20 years. Julie is the author of “Programming Entity Framework” (O’Reilly) and is well known in the .NET community as a Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider and INETA Speaker. She is a prolific blogger, a frequent presenter at conferences around the world and author of articles in many technical publications. Julie lives in the tiny U.S. state of Vermont where she runs the Vermont.NET User Group and serves on the board of the Vermont Software Developers Alliance. You can read Julie’s blog at

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Dr Elisabeth Kelan – Innovation, Technology and Gender Stereotypes

In this talk Dr Elisabeth Kelan will talk about two pieces of research she conducted at the Lehman Brothers Centre for Women in Business at London Business School ( The first research takes a look at the impact gender proportions have on innovation in teams. By studying knowledge intensive teams, the research shows that teams with equal proportions of men and women perform particularly well in regards to innovation indicators. In the second part of this talk, Elisabeth will address the importance of gender stereotypes at work. Drawing on examples from the Ladygeek research ( and cutting edge academic insights, Elisabeth will highlight why making gender stereotypes visible at work is crucial to work with them creatively.

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Dr Elisabeth Kelan is senior research fellow in the Lehman Brothers Centre for Women in Business at London Business School ( Elisabeth has researched best practices in relation to gender in organisations and gender, team composition and innovation. Elisabeth has also focused on gender relations in high-tech businesses, gender representations in popular management literature, and the so-called “glass-ceiling”. Her current research interests include identities in organisations, socialisation into organisational cultures, young professionals and technologies at work. Elisabeth has presented her research internationally, published widely, and has received various awards for her research. She has provided advice to supranational and business organisations and is co-authoring the Lady Geek blog ( with Belinda Parmar. She is also founder of Athena Associates (, a consultancy that specialises in advising organisations in respect to gender and diversity. Prior to her appointment at London Business School, Elisabeth worked at the University of Zurich as well as at the London School of Economics and Political Science where she also received her PhD.

If you would like to attend this event there are spaces for 150 people.  The details of the event can be found on our sign up page.

There are three rounds of tickets being released.

Round 1 9pm 15th September

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Round 2 7pm 16th September

Round 3 9pm 30th September

This should give people the opportunity to plan their time and be able to get hold of tickets for the event.

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