June Newsletter

Based on some good feedback about the last newsletter I’ve moved the Girl Geek Dinners News out of the newsletter as it confused some people as they thought it finished were I signed off, so I’m hoping this fixes that. You will find the newsletter here.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have an event in May but you’ll all be happy to know that we are ready to announce our June event!

Details for this event can be found here: http://lggdwithit4c.eventbrite.com.

Date & Time: 25th June 2008 from 7pm

Venue: The Information Technologists’ Hall

Hosted by iT4Communities with wine, snacks and refreshments provided. As iT4Ccommunities is a charity we would ask a £2 contribution per attendee collected on the evening but larger contributions always welcome!

Food & Drink: Light snacks and nibbles & wine

Subject for the evening: IT law, accessibility, and IT volunteering


Empire of the Sun

Capacity 60 people tickets to be released as 2 rounds of 30 one round this evening and the other at 12:00 (lunchtime tomorrow – 12th June)

The Commitments dvdrip

The details will be posted up on the www.londongirlgeekdinners.co.uk website as well so that you can find the details without this e-mail. You can subscribe for updates to the site via its RSS feed for the latest news and information about London Girl Geek Dinners. We are looking to put all announcements via there in the near future with an integrated newsletter service for those who prefer the newsletter to the RSS feed. I’ll announce the move from this newsletter provider to the website hosted version when it’s been launched (and fully tested!!!). No one is going to be moved across until then! (too much risk of spam disasters otherwise!)

There’s a LOT of stuff in the newsletter this time from events, and speaker proposal offers through to details about how to get onto Dragons Den. We also have a new section for Jobs. We will aim to bring great jobs including those for student placements and so on! We also have something special for you too! If you are interested in speaking at a local school then there is the first of many opportunities to do so. The details are in the newsletter as an invitation to inspire!!! I do hope some of you might consider something like this if you can manage to spare an hour for a local school.

Also keep you’re diaries free for the 11th July for an event with a local school to inspire students and former students into the technology arena. And not to forget the 28th August as we will be doing our big 3 year anniversary event over at the Google office in London. More details about that will pop up closer to the event!

Please do keep an eye out for the Girl Geek Coffee events too! Melinda’s doing a great job with those and is aiming to do them roughly every couple of weeks. The details for them are also up on the London Girl Geek Dinners website, and with the frequency of then it’s definitely the quickest and easiest place to hear about them.