Free Mentoring via MentorSET

So recently it was brought to my attention that MentorSET have just recently launched their online mentoring system for women in the Science, Engineering and Technology industry. This is a great opportunity for anyone in the industry to link up with a mentor if they haven’t already. The program is currently open to anyone with a focus on females in Science, Engineering and Technology.

Please do take a look. “The MentorSET scheme is currently FREE to both Mentors and Mentees. Mentors’ expenses will be paid. For mentees, some expenses (travel etc) may be met by the scheme.” So there are no excuses not to join in.

Now I know that mentoring was one of the things that the Girl Geeks were interested in getting involved with so I’d be interested in hearing about any feedback on the MentorSet system to find out if it is something that works or doesn’t. I’m hoping it will be something that benefits everyone who uses it!

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Nicholas Nickleby