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After a great GGC yesterday, I’m glad to announce that the next one will be the 24th of April. The venue from last time (Smiths of Smithfield) was sadly not suitable for us; it’s too much of a pub/restaurant than an actual coffee place. Thanks to LJ though, I’ve discovered a perfect little gem for our next coffee: Ray’s Jazz Cafe in the Foyles at Charing Cross.

The last event was a bit rushed and I realized I haven’t even explained the reason behind Girl Geek Coffees. The idea is to have a more regular meetup besides the Dinners where girl geeks can come and socialize (sorry guys, it’s girls only). I was thinking of maybe holding the next one in the weekend, giving more people the chance to come along. Further, if the coffees turns out to be popular, it could always turn into a weekly event. What do you all think? Please leave comments behind and tell me how we can make this great!

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So, here are the details for the next coffee:

When: Thursday, April 24, 2008, 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Where: Ray’s Jazz Cafe in Foyles (Charing Cross)
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Cost: attending is free, cost for coffee/food will be on a “buy your own” basis

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: 470563

The cafe is located on the first floor of the Foyles and we’ll be sitting right in the back. It might be a bit small, but the coffee is great and the place even has wifi. If you have trouble finding the place or are running late, you can phone me (07521 294 391) or Twitter me directly (mseckington).

Please use the upcoming link or comment below to indicate your interest.

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    Melinda has said that she’ll look at the Upcoming attendee list and here for any additional comments to get a guestimate on numbers. So you’ve done all you need to do to sign up! Enjoy the event!


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