London Girl Geek Dinner 20 – Sponsored by Latitude

Aliens movie full Our next event was on the 25th March 2008 from 7:30pm on Search Engine Optimisation. The venue will be Knights Templar in London and our sponsor for this event is Latitude! The sign up page for this event is here! you will need the password for the event and that can be got through our mailing list – sign up to this by sending a blank e-mail to

Night Crossing move

Our speakers for the evening are:

    Bartok the Magnificent video

  • SEO the core elements – Judith – Amanda to start the q & a as she’s just done a site and used automated seo tools… will make for a good conversation…
  • Semantic Markup and Organic SEO – Sheila Farrell – Danielle from Israel to instigate the Q & A based on her experiences in Israel
  • Search Vs Find, the mobile search perspective – Sarah McVitte – Vero to instigate the Q & A as she’s great with the mobile search stuff…

We are also happy to hear from sponsors with any ideas and or sponsorship offers for future events!

Control the movie

The round up from this event can be found over on GirlyGeekdom!