London Girl Geek Dinner 17 – Sponsored by HP

British Film Institute – BFI
Belvedere Road
South Bank, Waterloo
London, London SE1 8XT

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United Kingdom

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Date & Time:                      13th November 2007

The Game:  This is a GPS based game using Mediascape and the IPAQ devices.  You will be finding virtual clues in a physical space around the BFI.  There will be 10 devices and we are anticipating having teams of 5 people in each group.  (there are apparently prizes available to be won)  When signing up please indicate whether you would like to participate in the game.

Creature Comforts the movie

Speaker: Jo Reid – HP Labs

Jo Reid will be speaking on how invention happens in HP and how the labs work along with a bit of detail about GPS and other fun technologies that she has been working with.

Jo joined HP Labs in 1994 having worked in Research and Development at Texas Instruments on expert systems and prior to that for Rank Xerox on interface design prototyping and testing.

Jo contributes to the Mobile Bristol program as a project manager and as a researcher. Her research interest is in the area of Experience Design and as a firm believer in the value of user participation she has been involved in the design, construction and project management of a number of field trials in the area of appliance communications and Experience Design. Jo recently received an MBA with the Open University.

Projects that she has been involved in are Schminky

, Queen Square, Interactive Building project, Zap Scan, Walk in the Woods, John Cabot Technology College Workshop, St Gregory School Workshop, Reflective Practitioner Study and the creation of the Mobile Bristol web site..