Girl Geek Dinner 2nd Birthday/ Anniversary Event – Sponsored by Skype

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The subject of the evening will be Women, Technology and breaking down the barriers.
The write up from the event can be found here.
As always many thanks to our event sponsors Skype and Unboxed Consulting. They really made the event something special!

The Panel!
The Kid & I trailer The Lena Baker Story move
– Panel Host – Mary Branscombe
– Male Tech voice – Paul Foster – Microsoft
– Voice of Children and young people – Claire Meakin – Penair School Cornwall.
– Female Management voice – Jen Langdon, Head of Engineering at Openads
– Technical Female voice – Sarah Blow, founder GGD & Software Engineer
– Secondary Femal Management Voice & HR Voice- Galya Holden – Centaur

The video from the event can be found below: