Jul 30

Fra drømmen om å bli ballettdanser til doktorgrad om Thorium

Blogger og kjernefysiker Sunniva Rose besøker Girl Geek Dinners Stavanger  den 27 august!

Sunniva  jobber som doktorgradsstipendiat (forsker) i kjernefysikk ved Universitetet i Oslo. Da hun var liten trodde hun at hun skulle bli danser  – men 17 år gammel gjorde hun en helomvending og bestemte seg  for at det var fysikk hun skulle studere. 

Hun skriver på bloggen sin: ” Jeg følte meg generelt ikke som noen fysiker, det var liksom ikke plass til meg, med vesken full av rosa lipgloss, høye hæler, og danselærerjobb på si. Men det var to kurs som gjorde at jeg virkelig fant ut av hva jeg ville drive med: FYS1010 og FYS3320. Spesielt sistnevnte: «Dette er utfordringene våre, her er mulige løsninger, her er beregningene, dette er mulig og dette er faktisk fysisk umulig», et deilig kurs om energiutfordringer og realistiske løsninger på disse (hun anbefaler for øvrig i denne sammenhengen  “Fysikk og energiresurser” og  “Sustainable energy without the hot air”). Så hva er en realistisk løsning? Jo, per i dag: kjernekraft. Og  da løsnet det for meg – jeg er ikke teoretiker, og ikke noen klassisk eksperimentalist, jeg er et sted i mellom, eller muligens utenfor; jeg ville gjøre anvendt fysikk, og jeg ville lære MYE MER om kjernekraft. “

Den 27 august skal altså Sunniva til Stavanger, og har tilbudt seg å bruke kvelden sin sammen med oss i GGDS. Så 27/8 kl 18 har vi vært heldige og har fått lov til å låne lokaler i Sølvberget i Stavanger til en meget rimelig penge (tusen takk til Øyvind Berekvam!) - og kosten dekkes av IKT Norge (takk, Per Morten og Heidi og Torgeir!).

Siden dette ikke er et “vanlig” GGDS treff der en bedrift inviterer oss inn, så må vi denne gangen betale hver for oss dersom vi skal ha mat eller drikke. Dette er jo i selveste ONS uka og byen syder av liv – så etter treffet håper jeg mange av dere har anledning til å bli med ned i vågen for litt mingling og prat om både kjernefysikk, sko, blogging og annet.

Bloggen til Sunniva finner dere her.


Jul 25

NoSQL matters is conquering Dublin!

On 3rd and 4th September we will welcome you to our 6th edition of NoSQL matters. Consisting of interactive training day and informative one day conference, NoSQL matters Dublin is the event for developers, architects and geeks.

During the conference you will be able to excessively upgrade your knowledge on current industry trends and innovative solutions. You will get to know leading NoSQL companies and find out what they are up to. And, of course, have a great time networking with other like-minded fun guys from the industry. More info: http://2014.nosql-matters.org/dub/

NoSQL matters Dublin will take place at the Education and Research Centre, located not far from St. Stephens Green in Dublin´s City Centre.

Good news – tickets sale has started! Purchase your ticket today and enjoy mind-blowing talks, tasty catering and interactive NoSQL community already this September. Tickets: http://2014.nosql-matters.org/dub/buy-tickets/

Jul 25

Guardians of the Galaxy Review – Is it Worth it?

Guardians of the GalaxyWhen I saw the first 17min in the IMAX I was excited. Rocket (Bradley Cooper) gave a brilliantly misleading introduction to the segment. The images were brilliant, the 3D enhanced but didn’t impose, the plot at that point in the story was fantastic and there was a lot going on. In a nutshell, I really enjoyed the 17 minutes, wanted more characterisation of the female role but was happy to see a prominent female character who was smart and kicked ass. She was a little more Kendra than Buffy but still – brilliant.

That said, when I came to watch the movie in regular 3D instead of IMAX I have to admit, I felt the lack. The IMAX lent so much to the experience that I’m not sure if I can now ever enjoy a movie again unless I go see it in IMAX. Not only are the seats more comfortable in the IMAX (I have generous proportions), the whole experience is more immersive and this movie with its plot and action really draws you in. Being in an IMAX cinema not only gives you better picture quality, it immerses you in the film and that is why the 3D is an enhancement rather than an intrusion.

This though is not about the experience of watching it but rather the actual movie.

This review contains SPOILERS of a sort – stuff you might not have seen in commercials or trailers.

We start with Peter Quill at home as a young child. Peter is like pretty much any 80’s kid, or really any kid in North America from almost any time period, including his perhaps extreme connection to his Walkman. Things happen to his mum and his life that rather turn his future upside down.  We get that in the first few minutes and continue on to a much more light-humoured scene involving karoke with an alien creature, dancing, advanced technologies and another shot of that Sony Walkman.

It was nice to see what happened leading up to the jail scene (widely used in promotional  videos and commercials) which gave a lot more context to the characters and the predicament they were in. There was plenty of action and sadly the kind of 3D antics that are common to make it all *ooooo look at me in 3D coming out at you* but they were thankfully few. They were made more jarring by the non-IMAX experience probably which is why I’m now such a fan of IMAX.

The action progresses, as does the humour. You get the sense that it is a bit of a piss-take, including a great cameo by Stan Lee. This movie doesn’t take itself too seriously – how could you with a troll doll playing as important a role as it does at the end? Also – a talking tree. How serious can you be with a talking tree, a genetically engineered raccoon, an abducted human, an engineered daughter of Thanos and a literal strongman out for revenge. The chemistry between the actors comes through in this movie, making it seamlessly brilliant. Where in some areas of the Avengers it could feel jarring, this is so seamless it hurts when it ends.

I think Marvel has a winner on their hands with this one. Despite the age of the comics, they have managed to update the characterisation of the female characters and make them more modern (so to speak). They know their own minds, have their own agendas and kick wicked butt. The modernisation of the back story of Peter Quill a.k.a. Star Lord, the brilliant characterisation of Groot and Rocket, the great action, the introduction of Thanos to pull the various threads of Marvel movies together and especially Glenn Close as the leader of the Nova Corps all makes this a winner.

Is it worth it? YEAH! Should you see this? F YEAH! Is this movie brilliant? Beyond words BRILLIANT! Did I recommend it for my 5 year old nephew? You better believe I did (with a caveat about the swearing and violence). Will you regret it if you don’t see it? FOREVER – you’ll regret not getting the full movie theatre experience FOREVER and EVER. When is it out? July 31st but you can BOOK TICKETS NOW!

Jul 22

Upcoming Event – Girl Geek Tea Party #44: Carnival of the Animal Senses, with Helen Czerski

Sunday 10th August, 2-4pm
TechHub, Lever Street, Manchester
Tickets £3

Dr Helen CzerskiManchester Girl Geeks is pleased to announce that for our August tea party event, we’ll be joined by physicist Dr Helen Czerski, who’ll be coming to give a talk and stick around for some Q&A.

Some animals can see in the dark, some can use turbulence to navigate towards a scent and some can detect sounds that are too high-pitched for humans to hear. They’re seeing and using aspects of the physical world that humans are oblivious to. Join Helen as she talks about the physics behind some incredible adaptations within the wild kingdom.

Helen is a Physicist, oceanographer and broadcaster with a passion for science, sport, books, creativity, hot chocolate and investigating the interesting things in life. She currently works at UCL (University College London) in London, and is a science presenter for the BBC.

Join us on Sunday 10th August from 2-4pm, at the shiney new TechHub offices on Lever Street. Tickets are £3 and as always, there’ll be tea and cake – bring along your animals/sensory organ themed bakes (possibly our strangest cake theme so far). All welcome!

To book your place, visit mancggtp44.eventbrite.com.

Jul 21

Event review: Noise Party!

2014-07-19 15.45.35Photo courtesy of Gem Hill

For our July event, we organised an audiovisual extravaganza called the Girl Geeks’ NOISE PARTY (capitals obligatory)! We held it at TwentyTwentyTwo in the Northern Quarter, which had a fantastic room we took over for the duration.

Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 21

Join the Movement – Get FREE Dinners

Girl Geek Dinners – mostly Free, so why not join as an attendee or volunteer your time organizing and hosting events at your company?
Also seeking non-stuffy tech related companies to host the fab and classic Girl Geek Dinners. Meet potential job candidates, inspire women and girls (and yes men, too) and mentor the next gen.
Let’s do CAWFEE TAWK, honey!

Jul 20

Il video della serata Fashion&Technology


Jul 19

A new venue






At our June event we used the newly created Jam Room at the Coaver Club in Exeter – it’s a creative/collaborative working room set up by the county council to encourage new ways of working together, and it certainly proved a good space for our group! We had a fascinating talk by Ann Kempster about the 300 Seconds movement, followed by a group discussion about getting more girls interested in STEM subjects.

We’re planning to use the room again for our next talk in September, keeping the same format for the evening:

  • a lightning talk by our guest speaker
  • a delicious sandwich buffet
  • a group discussion on a provocative question.

We’re always on the lookout for new speakers and new discussion topics, so let us know if you have any ideas!




Jul 15

Young Innovators Competition – ITU Telecom World 2014

Cropped bannerITU, the leading United Nations agency for information and communication technology, seeks the most promising tech start-ups making use of open source technologies for disaster management. This could include disaster preparedness, early warning, emergency communication and response, and recovery from natural disasters.

We are looking for communication technologies, teaching tools, new equipment to save lives during a disaster, and new tools to help clean up, recover and rebuild after the event. Examples of open source technologies used in disaster management may include 3D printing, UAVs, Raspberry Pi and Arduino – we invite you to surprise us with your innovative approach.

Are you an entrepreneur under the age of 30 and interested in winning up to USD 10,000 in funding plus mentorship, networking, and high-level exposure?

Do you want to be part of the select group of 10 young innovators from all over the world present at ITU Telecom World 2014 in Doha, Qatar?

Apply now at: https://ideas.itu.int/

Deadline: Thursday, July 31 2014

Questions? E-mail us at young.innovators@itu.int


This competition is supported by Girl Geek Dinners. Our founder Sarah Lamb mentored the winners from 2012 – 2013 and many of the projects that were proof of concept are now out in the wild making a difference all around the world!

Oct 22

Calling all creative coders and tech savvy young women!

The NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing honors young women at the high-school level for their computing-related achievements and interests. Awardees are selected for their computing and IT aptitude, leadership ability, academic history, and plans for post-secondary education. National winners receive:

  • $500 cash award
  • A laptop computer
  • Trip for two to the National award ceremony in Charlotte, NC March 15, 2014

Open to all US high school level girls.  Apply online at www.aspirations.org by 10/31/13.

We also plan to recognize as many as 60 educators this year with the NCWIT Educator Award which comes with $1000 for professional development and a Dell laptop from sponsor AT&T. Winners are selected from educators that encourage girls to apply for the Aspirations Award.  https://www.aspirations.org/participate/educators

Oct 10

GGC Invitation to Fundraiser Event

Hi Everyone, we just wanted to extend an invite to all the GGD members for the first GGC Fundraiser event. This will be a rare opportunity to get involved and contribute publicly in association with your ICT professional peers.
You will have and an opportunity to network and connect with diverse personalities.

Girl Geek Coffee (GGC):

Girl Geek Coffee is an International network group. We at GGC encourage our members to network together in order to provide the required support to students and early professional in ICT (Information Communication and Technology).

Please register for the event by clicking here :

Where: Auditorium Room,
Australian Computer Society
11/50 Carrington St, Sydney
When: 24th of October, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Silent Auction – e.g. software, hardware
Agile Games presented by ThoughtWorks!
Debate by different organisational representatives
Matched Networking – meet a mentor or mentee!
Company stalls

We hope to see you there! And if you cannot make it feel free to pass it on to your friends.
If you have any questions, queries or comments, please feel free to email us :(NSW Girl Geek Coffees ).


Please note that GGC is a registered Non-profit organisation in Australia and is not directly affiliated to Girl Geek Dinners, it is however a great organisation supporting students in university looking to pursue a career in technology!

Sep 27

Request for a girl geek speaker for a school in NE England

St Bedes School

If you are based in the north east of England and have some time that you could donate to St Bedes School in Durham then they would be delighted to hear from you.  They are looking to inspire and promote the role of women in technology to their students and are looking for female technologists currently working in the IT sector to come and talk at their school.

They are looking to find a variety of women in different roles to showcase the breadth of roles and opportunities available in the IT sector.

If you are interested in this please fill out the contact form below.

[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

Aug 15

Competition: Win a Day Pass to Campus Party Europe

The founder of Girl Geek Dinners Sarah Lamb will be speaking at Campus Party Europe and has been given ten one day passes to give away to our Girl Geeks!  Since today is the 8 Year Anniversary of Girl Geek Dinners we thought today would be a great day to give these tickets away!

How to Enter

To enter our competition to win a 1 day pass to Campus Party Europe tweet us on @ggdworldwide with one good thing that has happened to the IT sector in the last 8 years! And use the hashtag #ggdcomp


Anyone over the age of 18 can enter this competition for the tickets however we will not be covering travel expenses and the ticket cannot be swapped for cash.  You can only win once but you can put forward as many good things as you like.  The more the merrier!  We will draw 10 winners at random. This competition will close at 8pm GMT and we will announce the winners on this blog post.


Krithika Ram
Your names are on the guest list for attending Campus Party Europe on 1 day of your choice. Just let me know which day you wish to attend on, turn up and state who you are and that you are my guest and you will be able to enter the event for the day.

Mar 02

Get involved!

Portland Girl Geek Dinners needs you!


Portland Girl Geek

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Dinners is growing and we are looking for more volunteers!



We’re looking for help in a variety of areas, opportunities include but aren’t limited to the following;
  • Volunteer Speakers
  • Sponsor & Venue Coordination
  • Event Assistance
  • Community Outreach
  • Blog Submissions
  • And more!
Whether you’ve attended an GGD event before or not, we want your input!
If you’re interested in
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getting involved,

[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

Jan 21

Girl Geek Dinners Google Community Group

We have just added ourselves to Google as a community group.  You can find us here!  Look out for regular hangouts and conversations on all things girl geek!

Girl Geek Dinners – Google Community Group: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/113647985287184929663

Dec 29

Thanks For A Great 2012!

Portland Girl Geek
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Dinners is looking

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forward to an even better 2013.






Dec 10

Innovation in Giving Fund Christmas Celebration Event

Monday, December 10, 2012 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM (GMT)

The Treasury Building
1 Horse Guards Road
SW1A 2HQ London
United Kingdom

Register for this event now at :

Event Details:

You are warmly invited to a celebration event led by the Rt. Honourable Nick Hurd MP to share the achievements of the Cabinet Office’s Innovation in Giving Fund over the past year and to hear about the next stage of our plans.

Since launching the first round in September 2011, the Innovation in Giving Fund has made exciting progress. As someone who has been engaged with the programme, we would like to invite you to celebrate with us.



Sep 18

UK: Calling all cyber security girl geeks!

Listen up girls – how would you like the chance to flex your cyber security skills by playing exciting competitions designed by industry leaders like HP, Sophos and Cassidian? What about the chance to win career-enhancing prizes like IT training programmes or even a trip to the top-secret Government Communications Headquarters?

Let us introduce you to Cyber Security Challenge UK – a series of national competitions designed to give you a taste of what it’s like to be a cyber security professional and inspire you to get involved in the ever-expanding industry.

Now in its third year of competitions , the Challenge is on a mission to spread the word about why cyber security is such a fulfilling and varied career and help talented people get their first cyber security jobs. It is sponsored by some of the UK’s most prestigious public, private and academic organisations who design competitions and offer once-in-a-lifetime prizes.

Cyber crime costs the UK government an estimated £27 billion every year, affecting everyone from large corporations to SMEs to the individual woman on the street. The threat is growing – Jonathan Evans, MI5 Director General recently highlighted cyber attacks as one of four top global risks to UK. This means it is even more important to get the most talented techies in place to protect our online networks.

As we all know, the IT industry sometimes struggles to represent the hundreds of talented and skilled women in its community – cyber security is not altogether different. But, we also know, you are out there! Now is your chance to  prove just how good your technical skills are by taking part in one of Cyber Security Challenge UK’s competitions and get your hands on over £100,000 worth of educational, career enabling prizes such as internships and training courses. Oh and spread the work to all the other girlie geeks you know!

All you need to do is register online to receive updates on new competitions: https://cybersecuritychallenge.org.uk/registration/

Facebook page


Apr 30

Female entrepreneurship in Europe: short online questionnaire, deadline 20 May

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels is exploring the topic of Female Entrepreneurship in Europe and welcomes input from interested individuals and organisations through a short online questionnaire.

A paper is in development which will be sent to the EU Commission, EU Parliament, EU Institutions and Member States which will make recommendations to highlight the specific policy needs to encourage the development of more Women Owned Businesses.

The EEXC welcomes input and any recommendations from people involved in this area. Together with WEPG (Women’s Enterprise Policy Group UK) they have developed a short online questionnaire, for completion by 20 May 2012.

The EESC will hold a hearing on the 30th May in the morning in Brussels. For an invitation, please contact

Ms Madi Sharma



00 447885306711

Twitter: @MadiSharma1

Apr 26

Girl Geek Dinners on International Girls in ICT Day!

Today is International Girls in ICT day and we have events in the USA, Canada and Croatia happening today!

In Montreal, Canada we are running an introduction to PHP workshop: http://montrealgirlgeeks.com/2012/04/02/php-for-beginners/

In Bay Area, USA we are running an event with Citrix where you can find out how Citrix Girl Geeks are designing and developing new technology, working in the cloud, providing remote IT services, and growing strategic partnerships. http://www.bayareagirlgeekdinners.com/

And in Croatia we will have a non-sponsored ad hoc small Girl Geek Dinner in the city of Rovinj on April 26th. We decided to celebrate the Girls in ICT day by arranging presentations of female IT professionals and anyone willing to help in primary schools and high schools. The presentations or workshops will be held during the next 2 weeks. Our main aim is to celebrate girls’ interests and strengths and encourage them to choose a career in ICT by showing them how fun and interesting it can be in real life giving them role models. We will have presentations on designing and developing mobile applications, a Scratch workshop for kids, a presentation on bioinformatics, social networks etc. We are coordinating our interested female lecturers and schools at the moment. Find out more about Croatia Girl Geek Dinners here:  http://www.girlgeekdinners.hr/

Let us know how you are marking International Girls in ICT day on Twitter and Facebook!

Mar 30

Women in Engineering Forum – Birmingham, 27th April 2012

The Women in Engineering Forum, supported by the Women’s Engineering Society, will take place on 27 April at The National Engineering & Construction Recruitment Exhibition. Register to attend the exhibition now! Offering women at all stages of their career the chance to share experiences, make new contacts, and hear about exciting new vacancies, the Women in Engineering Forum provides an invaluable networking opportunity in what is a tough, male dominated industry.

The forum will begin with a presentation from award-winning engineer Gemma Whatling at 12 noon, followed by a networking lunch to which delegates are welcome, giving them the opportunity to speak informally to both the speaker and a host of engineering professionals, who will be on hand as facilitators. The forum is free to attend and places are reserved on a first come, first served basis, so arrive early to avoid disappointment! Sign up for the networking lunch on the day at the presentation theatre.

Event details

Mar 30

Mentor required in Cape Town

Shalina is based in South Africa, Cape Town would like to be mentored.

Here’s a little about why she would like to be mentored:
I would like advice on how to learn, grow and expand my opportunities. I would like to become a more motivated woman, developer, problem solver, communicator and a leader. I believe that these skills will equip me to be a stronger individual in the rat race and in my personal life.

Here’s what makes Shalina tick:
I am a 27 year old Computer Science graduate currently working as a software developer in Cape Town, South Africa. I love what I do, but often struggle with the little things. I would like to think that I am confident, friendly and enthusiastic about females ruling the world someday. :)

Local Mentor? Yes

Time required for mentoring: Weekly

Would like to be contacted via the following channels for mentoring:

If you are interested in mentoring her please fill out this form. If there are multiple people who submit then we will forward all submissions and Shalina will choose the person she feels suits her needs best.

Mar 18

Agenda Digitale: ecco il documento ufficiale

L’annuncio è arrivato poche decine di minuti un paio di ore fa attraverso un twit di Michele Ficara Manganelli, classe 1966, esperto di comunicazione digitale e fondatore di Assodigitale. E noi siamo pronti ad accogliere al volo la notizia e diffonderla.

Agenda Digitale, ecco il documento ufficiale semidefinitivo (come suggerisce Fabio Malagnino, Consiglio Regionale del Piemonte) della cabina di regia. La presentazione che ne riassume i contenuti è stata condivisa su slideshare ed è scaricabile qui.

Ho dato solo una lettura veloce al testo, che mi riprometto di esaminare con maggiore attenzione. Intanto vorrei mettere qui in evidenza gli aspetti che mi hanno colpita di più.

In sintesi, accanto alle informazioni delle prime pagine, noto intanto che a pag. 8 e 9 si prevede la consultazione social su alcuni aspetti (è previsto che si possa intervenire attivamente, pare, anche presentando istanze e proposte).

A pag. 13 si evidenziano gli obiettivi e i tempi di realizzazione delle infrastrutture per banda larga, banda larga ultraveloce e sicurezza.

A pag. 18 in evidenza il tema dell’E-commerce e

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a pag. 27 l’alfabetizzazione informatica, entrambi argomenti che occupano un ruolo fondamentale anche tra gli obiettivi di lavoro del nostro gruppo, in particolare il punto 3 di pag.32.

A pag. 36, inoltre, si affronta l’utilità del digitale per innovare e creare sviluppo anche in settori più tradizionali. Penso subito all’agroalimentare, in particolare al

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Buona lettura e a presto!




Feb 23

Girl Geek Dinners Mentoring Programme

We have just set up a mentoring programme.  We would love to get those of you who are interested in finding a mentor or being a mentor connected. We hope that we’ve asked all the right questions and with any luck this programme will grow over time and support those of you within the Girl Geek Dinners network!

Longer term we will look to formalise the tools and remove some of the manual matching steps but in the meantime bear with us.  We look forward to inspiring and encouraging you all and fostering an awesome network of women in the IT industry.

Feb 23

Aspire To Inspire: Women in Mathematics

This comes from NASA!!!!

Think Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) is just for boys? We think differently; visit http://women.nasa.gov/a2i/ to find your inspiration!

Feb 16

Inspire: Zoe Cunningham, Softwire

Zoe Cunningham answers our Three Questions, giving you an insight into her role and how she got there.

Feb 10

Alienware European launch – X51

Alienware have been busy and Girlygeekdom had the privilege of being invited to the European launch of their new magical box, the X51. Upon first look, it reminds me of the XBox 360 S console with the almost monolithic yet sleek lines. However, this does not mean the insides are meager. On the contrary, it [...]

Feb 08

Bergen Student-TV har laget innslag om oss

Mandag ble Linn Søvig og Cecilie Wian intervjuet av Bergen student-TV. En trivelig time ble satt sammen til to og et halvt effektive minutter. Se innslaget her

Feb 07

Naval Wars 4 Februar avlyst

Arrangementet  4 Februar ble avlyst på grunn av sykdom. Vi håper på å få en ny anledning til å besøke Turbo Tape Game en annen gang, etter at lanseringen er over.

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