Jul 06

Womens Tech Hub ~ Working with BathCamp to increase diversity

Working with BathCamp to increase diversity

Jul 01

La rivoluzione dell’ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING in un’infografica

STAMPA 3D e ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING in un’infografica da Beam-IT azienda di Additive Manufacturing in provincia di Parma. Dall’idea alla sua realizzazione grazie all’innovazione della STAMPA 3D! Beam-IT ha il parco macchine più grande d’Europa. Un’eccellenza made in parma!


Jun 30

Diventa uno Sports Writer con RTR Sports Marketing!

RTR Sports Marketing, agenzia leader nel settore sports marketing e sponsorizzazioni sportive cerca Sports Writers. Ti piace scrivere di Sport? Stai cercando la tua strada per farti notare e trovare un lavoro nell’industria sportiva? Diventa uno Sports Writer!

Manda il post, le  foto o le illustrazioni che hai realizzato e RTR Sports le pubblicherà sul suo blog. Poi, una volta online, le condividerà con il suo network, attraverso social media, newsletter e molto

Da sempre RTR Sports Marketing promuove la cultura dello sport e dello sports marketing.

RTR Sports e i suoi canali divengano una piazza virtuale per tutti coloro che si interessano, discutono e si confrontano sui temi della sponsorizzazione sportiva, dello sports marketing e dello sports business.

rtr sports marketing

Cosa offre RTR Sports Marketing?

Formazione nel settore digitale e sportivo, crescita professionale, notorietà nel settore dell’industria sportiva e possibilità di collaborare con una redazione leader del settore sports marketing che opera da anni nel settore. La collaborazione con RTR Sports Marketing è sotto forma di stage non retribuito, internship, o libera collaborazione.

Come collaborare? Cosa scrivere? Quando scrivere?

Come collaborare?

Per collaborare con la redazione di RTR Sports Marketing entra in redazione e stabilisci le linee guida per i tuoi post.

Cosa scrivere?

Puoi raccontare le ultime curiosità del favoloso mondo MotoGP o Formula1, puoi commentare le performance dei tuoi piloti preferiti, puoi scrivere delle curiosità nel settore sportivo…

Quando scrivere?

Puoi collaborare scrivendo uno o due articoli al mese. Dipende dalla tua passione per lo Sport e per il Digitale. L’impegno richiesto è minimo, ma l’esperienza è molto formativa.

Per le foto non c’è un limite minimo o un limite massimo, il metro sarà la passione per lo Sport.

Cosa aspetti? Se ti piace lo Sport entra nel mondo RTR Sports Marketing!

Invia il tuo articolo di prova al form di questo indirizzo e presto sarai contattato: rtrsports.com/lavoro/

Jun 23

Oracle and Bristol GGD talk #52

As promised I am going to try and get a bit more active with the blogs for the GGD’s so heres the first of hopefully many!

We had a great talk last night – kindly hosted by Oracle in their new swish offices, Thom Legget was kindly given the pleasure of managing us as Jude and Phil who set it up had run off to Glastonbury, looking at the mud pics earlier in the day I think I was happier with free wine and pizza and talking Data!  So Thanks Thom!

We had talks from Jen Williams from Networked Planets, Martha King from Knowle West media Centre and Katherine Rooney Bristol City council and managing the Cuncils Open Data work.

The Dinners are only a success thanks to members attending and we had a great turnout last night – we had a lot of interest in the data management, Helen Woodcock was there discussing their free training offer KETL training

Oracle also have a free training offer – we’ll follow up on whats involved there as they are just putting it together.

Katherine Rooney from Bristol City Council’s ‘City Innovation team’ manages the Council’s Open Data work, offered up our members a special free open data institute membership ODI membership

When asked if you are affiliated with a Node, please select Bristol! – It may look just like the normal ODI membership page, but it’s a unique link for the Bristol complimentary membership so you should be able to complete your membership without making any payment.” (i’ve just joined and she’s right it is free!!)

Lastly we introduced Dana who regularly attends our affiliate support group Womens Tech Hubs F3F see the events page WTH events page.  Dana is helping set up the TEDx Bristol event next year and they are looking for speakers and helpers so please take a look TEDx Bristol WTH post

We have next months talk planned – but currently nothing planned for post the summer break, HP are looking to host one but if anyone has any offers for speakers or hosting then please get in touch with us.


Hopefully see you all at the next event


Jun 21

#NWED2016 Two Days to Go!

National Women in Engineering Day takes place on 23 June 2016 and is a national awareness day to support, inspire, celebrate and raise the profile of women in engineering. It is also an opportunity to draw attention to the amazing careers in engineering for girls and young people. #NWED2016
The day is coordinated by the Women’s Engineering Society.

This is what you still have time to do….And there are plenty more ideas on the NWED website.

Contact a School
Get in touch with your local school or your old school. Tell them it’s National Women in Engineering Day and offer to go in to speak to the their students or deliver some outreach one day in the future. Make that link and build on it. If you need resources to take in then plenty are available online.

Join their Thunderclap; tweet in a photograph of yourself working (preferably something that could be used in the press to represent a person working in engineering rather than a picture of yourself); or send your own tweet in support of #NWED2016. Follow some of the most prominent women in STEM on Twitter here.

Pledge your Support
Pledge to do something to support or inspire the next generation of engineers over the coming year. Become a mentor, visit a school, become a STEM Ambassador, take a media training course and engage with the media, take on a work experience student, enter yourself for an award and raise your profile…..

Bring your Daughter to Work
Bring your Daughter to Work or even just talk to your daughters and their friends about what you do as an engineer. Did you know that 76% of people follow a career when they know somebody else who does it?

Wear Purple
…and tell people you’re supporting National Women in Engineering Day!

Jun 16

GGD#53 ‘Body as Interface’ and ‘Interpreting the body’

Our July Girl Geek Dinner is hosted by Scott Logic 

Wednesday July 20th

In July Tamara Chehayeb Makarem will be presenting on, ‘Body as Interface’, exploring that notion in user interactions. Jennifer Gaudion will be presenting on ‘Interpreting the Body’ examining the ways we can interpret data from the body.”


TamaraChehayebMakarem-PhotoTamara Chehayeb Makarem is a User Experience Designer at Scott Logic. Before moving to London, she worked in New York where she designed cross-platform mobile applications for clients such as Microsoft, MDLIVE, and Songza.

At the Bristol Girl Geek Dinner, Tamara will be presenting her talk ‘Body as Interface’, exploring that notion in user interactions.

Tamara came up with the notion of using the Body as an interface while analyzing the work of artists in the field of Design and Technology and creating her interactive art installations. While people usually associate interfaces with devices or applications, Tamara suggests that the body itself is an interface.

In her talk, Tamara will expand on her idea of “Body as Interface” and link it to the body senses to show how it can allow us to create alternative experiences for users. She will explore the plausibility of the use of the body as an Interface and how it might have practical effect using examples in art installations, wearable technology and day-to-day interactions.

Tamara believes that there are two categories in which the body is used as an interface: the first one is within a controlled environment. The second one is when the device becomes part of the body. She believes that by viewing the body as an interface, we can stop designing interfaces and start designing experiences. She has recently published a blog post articulating her view http://blog.scottlogic.com/2016/05/25/Body-as-Interface.html


SL-B-31Jenny Gaudion will be presenting her talk “Interpreting the Body” examining the ways we can interpret data from the body. Jenny is a Software Developer for Scott Logic and helps find solutions to real-life problems using software. Having got into computing from a degree in Maths and a love of puzzles she thinks that interpreting the body presents an exciting challenge and is looking forward to innovations in this area making it feel like we are living in the future.

After the presentation and any questions we will open the floor up for a discussion,  if anyone feels like they would like to bring along any ppt’s or links that they want to share for discussion then please bring it along on a USB or mail the team with info and we can share this during the discussion period. Don’t forget – you don’t have to work in the industry or be a geek, this is a group for anyone with an interest in the subject!

Please sign up on our meetup page here MEETUP

Do come along for pre-presentation mingling as we will be there from 6.30pm. As always, we welcome men to our group, but to keep our audience predominantly female, we ask that all men are accompanied by a woman (just add a +1 on the meetup).


Scott Logic, 25 King Street, Bristol, BS1 4PB map


Wednesday 20th  July 6.30/7  – 9pm


Apr 04

Rails Girls Summer of Code – Open for Applications!

We have just opened our applications for students and we are now trying to get in touch with as many initiatives as possible to help us spread the word about our program.

As you may have heard, RGSoC is a three month paid scholarship where women all over the world work on open source projects with technical support of coaches and mentors. Our program is not limited to Ruby on Rails, we have projects in different languages. We believe that RGSoC might be a logical next step for someone who started learning programming, whether they’ve been to a workshop, a study group or learned by themselves.

Our goal is to encourage women to work in the area of technology, at the same time we support open source development. Since 2013, we have already trained 106 students in 23 countries. The most amazing thing is that 90% of the students are still working in tech, whereas 8% have founded their startups.

The deadline for applications is April 10th (here) and we have amazing projects to contribute to this year.

Feb 10

Kanban på Knowit

Kanban er en metode som visualiserer alt arbeid

Bilder fra arrangementet


Oct 27

Smarte hus – bare for spesielt interesserte?

Takene er tette, veggene er varme, hva nå?

Bli med når Girl Geek Dinners Bergen ser nærmere på smarte hus!

Bilder fra arrangementet


Hva drømmer du om?

Hva om lyset slo seg på litt før du kommer hjem, og garantert av etter du er dratt?
Hva om varmen i huset var lav når du ikke er der?
Hva om kaffemaskinen slo seg på før du våknet?

Kim Nordnes fra Superhjem kommer for å fortelle litt om hva de driver med.
Roy Solberg har et smart hus og skal fortelle litt om hvordan det fungerer i praksis.
Kostiantyn Denysenko bygger sitt eget smarthus og viser oss noen av dingsene han bruker.

Miles inviterer oss til sine nye lokaler for å tenke på fremtiden, og nåtiden – fordi det er gøy!

Det blir lett servering og tid til å snakke sammen.

Meld deg på her!

Vi starter dagen med mat og mingling kl. 17.00 og fortsetter med faglig innhold kl. 17.30.


Feb 04

Codemotion Conference Call for Speakers!

Codemotion is one of the biggest tech conference in Europe and we are proud to support women engagement in our conferences in Rome, Milan, Madrid, Berlin and Tel Aviv. Our next event in line is Codemotion Rome, on March 27th and 28th.

Call for paper for Codemotion Rome is ongoing till January 27th: we are eager to receiveapplications ranging from mobile to UX, devops, cloud, big data, gamedev, security, methods, languages, web, Internet of things.

Submissions that do not fit into these categories are also welcome, provided that they are relevant or inspirational to the tech community.

You can find more about us on our website: www.codemotionworld.com or read out CoC athttp://www.codemotionworld.com/codemotion-is-an-inclusive-conference-check-our-coc/

Sep 29

Save the date: EU Code Week 11-17 October 2014

Bring your ideas to life with #coding

The second edition of EU Code Week will take place 11-17 October 2014.
Millions of children, parents, teachers, entrepreneurs and policy makers will come together
in mass events and classrooms to learn programming and related skills.
The idea is making coding more visible, demystify these skills, and bring motivated people
together to learn.
Go to http://codeweek.eu to learn more and find your nearest event

This is a grassroots initiative by young advisers to Neelie Kroes, and has attracted the
support of coding and education movements like CoderDojo and RailsGirls and of major tech
and IT companies who are all helping bring coding to millions of children for example by
offering coding taster sessions, by developing learning modules and helping to train
teachers . Companies including Rovio (Angry Birds), Microsoft, Google, Telefonica, Liberty
Global and Facebook are backing EU Code Week, many of them as part of their commitment
to the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs

European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes says: “Our lives are digital now, so the
younger generations in particular need digital skills like coding. In the near future it will be
critical for good jobs and essential for starting a business.

Alja Isakovic, from Slovenia, one of the organisers of Code Week EU says: “Technology is
shaping our lives and we should not let a minority decide what we use it for and how we
use it. We all can do better than just sharing and liking. With coding you can bring your
ideas to life, make and build things that will bring joy to others.”

How can you participate in EU Code Week?
• Kids/teenagers/adults can participate in coding events
• Coders can organise workshops in local schools, hack spaces or community centres
• Teachers who code can hold coding classes, share their lessons plans, organise
workshops for colleagues
• Teachers who don’t code can organise seminars or invite parents or students to
teach each other coding
• Parents can encourage their kids to participate in a coding workshop
• Businesses and non-profit organisations can host coding workshops, lend their
staff as coaches in a “back-to-coach” action, organise fun coding challenges for
students or offer sponsorship for coding events
• Everyone who participates in a coding activity can tell us about their experience and
inspire others!

Why is coding important?
Each and every interaction between humans and computers is governed by code. Whether
you create a web app, follow GPS directions when driving or wish to revolutionize social
interactions. Programming is everywhere and fundamental to the understanding of a hyperconnected

Basic coding skills will also be needed for many jobs in the nearest future. More than 90%
of professional occupations nowadays require some ICT competence. Moreover, ICT
practitioners are a key pillar of the modern workforce across all sectors of the European
economy, with demand growing annually by 3% and the number of graduates from
computer science not keeping pace. As a result many open vacancies for ICT practitioners
cannot be filled, despite the high level of unemployment in Europe. If we do not
appropriately address this issue at a European and national level, we may face a shortage
of up to 900,000 ICT professionals by 2020.

Making ICT careers more attractive is one of the objectives of the European initiative
“Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs”, a European multi-stakeholder partnership that aims at
facilitating cooperation among business, education providers, public and private actors to
address the mismatch in digital skills in the European labour market also by modernising

Useful links
EU Code Week website
Twitter: @codeWeekEU Hashtag: #codeEU
Facebook: codeEU

Sep 29

Invitation to Green Hackfest Utrecht 10th October 2014

The Green Hackfest for Utrecht Inc & Climate Kic is happening on October the 10th where I believe should be more female participants…It’s gonna be an awesome weekend of hacking & networking (for free), and there’s prizemoney around 10K.

Please come and join in the fun and find other like minded people. All details of the event can be found here: http://the-hackfest.com/events/green-hackfest-utrecht-2014.html

Jul 15

Young Innovators Competition – ITU Telecom World 2014

Cropped bannerITU, the leading United Nations agency for information and communication technology, seeks the most promising tech start-ups making use of open source technologies for disaster management. This could include disaster preparedness, early warning, emergency communication and response, and recovery from natural disasters.

We are looking for communication technologies, teaching tools, new equipment to save lives during a disaster, and new tools to help clean up, recover and rebuild after the event. Examples of open source technologies used in disaster management may include 3D printing, UAVs, Raspberry Pi and Arduino – we invite you to surprise us with your innovative approach.

Are you an entrepreneur under the age of 30 and interested in winning up to USD 10,000 in funding plus mentorship, networking, and high-level exposure?

Do you want to be part of the select group of 10 young innovators from all over the world present at ITU Telecom World 2014 in Doha, Qatar?

Apply now at: https://ideas.itu.int/

Deadline: Thursday, July 31 2014

Questions? E-mail us at young.innovators@itu.int


This competition is supported by Girl Geek Dinners. Our founder Sarah Lamb mentored the winners from 2012 – 2013 and many of the projects that were proof of concept are now out in the wild making a difference all around the world!

Oct 22

Calling all creative coders and tech savvy young women!

The NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing honors young women at the high-school level for their computing-related achievements and interests. Awardees are selected for their computing and IT aptitude, leadership ability, academic history, and plans for post-secondary education. National winners receive:

  • $500 cash award
  • A laptop computer
  • Trip for two to the National award ceremony in Charlotte, NC March 15, 2014

Open to all US high school level girls.  Apply online at www.aspirations.org by 10/31/13.

We also plan to recognize as many as 60 educators this year with the NCWIT Educator Award which comes with $1000 for professional development and a Dell laptop from sponsor AT&T. Winners are selected from educators that encourage girls to apply for the Aspirations Award.  https://www.aspirations.org/participate/educators

Oct 10

GGC Invitation to Fundraiser Event

Hi Everyone, we just wanted to extend an invite to all the GGD members for the first GGC Fundraiser event. This will be a rare opportunity to get involved and contribute publicly in association with your ICT professional peers.
You will have and an opportunity to network and connect with diverse personalities.

Girl Geek Coffee (GGC):

Girl Geek Coffee is an International network group. We at GGC encourage our members to network together in order to provide the required support to students and early professional in ICT (Information Communication and Technology).

Please register for the event by clicking here :

Where: Auditorium Room,
Australian Computer Society
11/50 Carrington St, Sydney
When: 24th of October, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Silent Auction – e.g. software, hardware
Agile Games presented by ThoughtWorks!
Debate by different organisational representatives
Matched Networking – meet a mentor or mentee!
Company stalls

We hope to see you there! And if you cannot make it feel free to pass it on to your friends.
If you have any questions, queries or comments, please feel free to email us :(NSW Girl Geek Coffees ).


Please note that GGC is a registered Non-profit organisation in Australia and is not directly affiliated to Girl Geek Dinners, it is however a great organisation supporting students in university looking to pursue a career in technology!

Sep 27

Request for a girl geek speaker for a school in NE England

St Bedes School

If you are based in the north east of England and have some time that you could donate to St Bedes School in Durham then they would be delighted to hear from you.  They are looking to inspire and promote the role of women in technology to their students and are looking for female technologists currently working in the IT sector to come and talk at their school.

They are looking to find a variety of women in different roles to showcase the breadth of roles and opportunities available in the IT sector.

If you are interested in this please fill out the contact form below.

[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

Aug 15

Competition: Win a Day Pass to Campus Party Europe

The founder of Girl Geek Dinners Sarah Lamb will be speaking at Campus Party Europe and has been given ten one day passes to give away to our Girl Geeks!  Since today is the 8 Year Anniversary of Girl Geek Dinners we thought today would be a great day to give these tickets away!

How to Enter

To enter our competition to win a 1 day pass to Campus Party Europe tweet us on @ggdworldwide with one good thing that has happened to the IT sector in the last 8 years! And use the hashtag #ggdcomp


Anyone over the age of 18 can enter this competition for the tickets however we will not be covering travel expenses and the ticket cannot be swapped for cash.  You can only win once but you can put forward as many good things as you like.  The more the merrier!  We will draw 10 winners at random. This competition will close at 8pm GMT and we will announce the winners on this blog post.


Krithika Ram
Your names are on the guest list for attending Campus Party Europe on 1 day of your choice. Just let me know which day you wish to attend on, turn up and state who you are and that you are my guest and you will be able to enter the event for the day.

Jan 21

Girl Geek Dinners Google Community Group

We have just added ourselves to Google as a community group.  You can find us here!  Look out for regular hangouts and conversations on all things girl geek!

Girl Geek Dinners – Google Community Group: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/113647985287184929663

Dec 10

Innovation in Giving Fund Christmas Celebration Event

Monday, December 10, 2012 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM (GMT)

The Treasury Building
1 Horse Guards Road
SW1A 2HQ London
United Kingdom

Register for this event now at :

Event Details:

You are warmly invited to a celebration event led by the Rt. Honourable Nick Hurd MP to share the achievements of the Cabinet Office’s Innovation in Giving Fund over the past year and to hear about the next stage of our plans.

Since launching the first round in September 2011, the Innovation in Giving Fund has made exciting progress. As someone who has been engaged with the programme, we would like to invite you to celebrate with us.



Sep 18

UK: Calling all cyber security girl geeks!

Listen up girls – how would you like the chance to flex your cyber security skills by playing exciting competitions designed by industry leaders like HP, Sophos and Cassidian? What about the chance to win career-enhancing prizes like IT training programmes or even a trip to the top-secret Government Communications Headquarters?

Let us introduce you to Cyber Security Challenge UK – a series of national competitions designed to give you a taste of what it’s like to be a cyber security professional and inspire you to get involved in the ever-expanding industry.

Now in its third year of competitions , the Challenge is on a mission to spread the word about why cyber security is such a fulfilling and varied career and help talented people get their first cyber security jobs. It is sponsored by some of the UK’s most prestigious public, private and academic organisations who design competitions and offer once-in-a-lifetime prizes.

Cyber crime costs the UK government an estimated £27 billion every year, affecting everyone from large corporations to SMEs to the individual woman on the street. The threat is growing – Jonathan Evans, MI5 Director General recently highlighted cyber attacks as one of four top global risks to UK. This means it is even more important to get the most talented techies in place to protect our online networks.

As we all know, the IT industry sometimes struggles to represent the hundreds of talented and skilled women in its community – cyber security is not altogether different. But, we also know, you are out there! Now is your chance to  prove just how good your technical skills are by taking part in one of Cyber Security Challenge UK’s competitions and get your hands on over £100,000 worth of educational, career enabling prizes such as internships and training courses. Oh and spread the work to all the other girlie geeks you know!

All you need to do is register online to receive updates on new competitions: https://cybersecuritychallenge.org.uk/registration/

Facebook page


Apr 30

Female entrepreneurship in Europe: short online questionnaire, deadline 20 May

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels is exploring the topic of Female Entrepreneurship in Europe and welcomes input from interested individuals and organisations through a short online questionnaire.

A paper is in development which will be sent to the EU Commission, EU Parliament, EU Institutions and Member States which will make recommendations to highlight the specific policy needs to encourage the development of more Women Owned Businesses.

The EEXC welcomes input and any recommendations from people involved in this area. Together with WEPG (Women’s Enterprise Policy Group UK) they have developed a short online questionnaire, for completion by 20 May 2012.

The EESC will hold a hearing on the 30th May in the morning in Brussels. For an invitation, please contact

Ms Madi Sharma



00 447885306711

Twitter: @MadiSharma1

Apr 26

Girl Geek Dinners on International Girls in ICT Day!

Today is International Girls in ICT day and we have events in the USA, Canada and Croatia happening today!

In Montreal, Canada we are running an introduction to PHP workshop: http://montrealgirlgeeks.com/2012/04/02/php-for-beginners/

In Bay Area, USA we are running an event with Citrix where you can find out how Citrix Girl Geeks are designing and developing new technology, working in the cloud, providing remote IT services, and growing strategic partnerships. http://www.bayareagirlgeekdinners.com/

And in Croatia we will have a non-sponsored ad hoc small Girl Geek Dinner in the city of Rovinj on April 26th. We decided to celebrate the Girls in ICT day by arranging presentations of female IT professionals and anyone willing to help in primary schools and high schools. The presentations or workshops will be held during the next 2 weeks. Our main aim is to celebrate girls’ interests and strengths and encourage them to choose a career in ICT by showing them how fun and interesting it can be in real life giving them role models. We will have presentations on designing and developing mobile applications, a Scratch workshop for kids, a presentation on bioinformatics, social networks etc. We are coordinating our interested female lecturers and schools at the moment. Find out more about Croatia Girl Geek Dinners here:  http://www.girlgeekdinners.hr/

Let us know how you are marking International Girls in ICT day on Twitter and Facebook!

Mar 30

Women in Engineering Forum – Birmingham, 27th April 2012

The Women in Engineering Forum, supported by the Women’s Engineering Society, will take place on 27 April at The National Engineering & Construction Recruitment Exhibition. Register to attend the exhibition now! Offering women at all stages of their career the chance to share experiences, make new contacts, and hear about exciting new vacancies, the Women in Engineering Forum provides an invaluable networking opportunity in what is a tough, male dominated industry.

The forum will begin with a presentation from award-winning engineer Gemma Whatling at 12 noon, followed by a networking lunch to which delegates are welcome, giving them the opportunity to speak informally to both the speaker and a host of engineering professionals, who will be on hand as facilitators. The forum is free to attend and places are reserved on a first come, first served basis, so arrive early to avoid disappointment! Sign up for the networking lunch on the day at the presentation theatre.

Event details

Jan 30

Women in Tech: Manuela Hutter sees endless possibilities – ZDNet (blog)

ZDNet (blog)
Women in Tech: Manuela Hutter sees endless possibilities
ZDNet (blog)
Opera Software is this week hosting a Girl Geek Dinner at its headquarters and each year hosts an International Women's Day event. Sometimes I don't attend because I already feel I am treated like a normal IT developer, and that I don't need

and more »

Jan 27

Teknologidamenes samlingsplass – Computerworld

Teknologidamenes samlingsplass
Dette er Girl Geek Dinner, et nettverkingskonsept for jenter. «Due to limited space, this is only for Girl Geeks. Sorry guys!» Men Computerworld har tilfeldigvis bare mannlige journalister. Så dette var jo sånn det måtte bli. Likevel sitter han der med

Jan 26

Girl Geek Dinners & NCWIT Alliance

Girl Geek Dinners are happy to announce that we have partnered up with the NCWIT in the US as part of their universal Alliance!

This partnership will enable Girl Geek Dinners to provide more detailed insights into the IT sector through the research and resources provided by the NCWIT.  The results of the research from NCWIT will ensure that Girl Geek Dinners focuses on key areas that will help to make a difference to women in the US in a structured and formalised manner. Whilst Girl Geek Dinners are informal events we have a key goal of providing support and guidance to our attendees.

In addition free, research-backed NCWIT resources will be available to Girl Geek Dinners members in teh following areas recruitment, retention, and advancement of technical women; connections across groups for leveraged actions and ideas; participation in national outreach and awareness campaigns; publicity for local and national efforts; and opportunities for expert speakers and research engagements.

Other alliance partners include:

  • Bank of America Women in Technology & Operations (WIT&O)
  • Brocade Women in Networking (WIN)
  • Coolest Women We Know
  • EDUCAUSE Women in IT Constituent Group
  • Girl Geek Dinners
  • Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG)
  • Microsoft Women Employee Resource Group
  • Qualcomm Women in Science and Engineering (QWISE)
  • She’s Geeky
  • SIM Women
  • Women @ Intel Network
  • Women& Hi Tech

We look forward to working with these partners to provide additional support and assistance to women around the world and not just in the US. You will find the NCWIT Press Release for this announcement here.

If you have any questions about the NCWIT Alliance please contact:

Jenny Slade, NCWIT, tel: 303.735.6600,  email: jslade@ncwit.org

Sarah Lamb, Girl Geek Dinners, email: sarah@girlgeekdinners.com

Jan 16

22nd Girl Geek Dinner review – WTMNews

22nd Girl Geek Dinner review
Η αίθουσα γέμισε κυρίως από γυναίκες αλλά και άνδρες, που ασχολούνται με την τεχνολογία ή πρόκειται να ασχοληθούν. Την εκδήλωση άνοιξε ο κος Γιώργος Δέτσης, ο οποίος μας έδωσε όλες τις απαραίτητες πληροφορίες για το πώς μπορεί κάποιος να κάνει το δικό

Jan 06

i går Arbeidsgivere slåss om sjeldne datajenter – Dagens Næringsliv

i går Arbeidsgivere slåss om sjeldne datajenter
Dagens Næringsliv
Susanne Robertsen (35) og Line Ånderbakk Olsen (29) er på Girl Geek Dinner. Foto: Robert S. Eik Bare 15 prosent av IT-studentene er damer. Vi dro på middag for jentenerder. –Jeg må si jeg er litt rørt over å se så mange it-damer, og er veldig spent på

Dec 13

Natale 2011: Girl Geek Christmas no tech no party – Blogosfere (Blog)

Natale 2011: Girl Geek Christmas no tech no party
Blogosfere (Blog)
E così dopo essere stata a Merano per il Ponte dell'Immacolata prossima tappa Catania dove tra una breve consumazione di cannoli all'ombra del liotru sarò presenta all'evento delle Girl Geek Dinner Sicilia in qualità di speaker.

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