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"Through the Sun Startup Essentials program, we were able to buy about 50% more hardware than we expected given our budget."
Greg Mead, Head of Research & Development, MusicMetric


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  Remarkable savings on one year, company-wide site licenses to the Sun eLibrary. Giving you access to advanced training packages, including hundreds of web-based courses on key technologies.
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  • Improve flexibility of learning through an easy-to-use web-based interface
  • Use courses all year instead of one-time classroom visit
  • Use courses as a reference tool that can be revisited while preparing for certification

Courses include:

Java Technology (WLIB-101-SSE) Bottle Shock full
Sun Data Centre Support (WLIB-105-SSE)
Solaris 10 Operating System (WLIB-112-SSE)
Sun Web Development (WLIB-121-SSE)

Sun Startup Essentials
eLibraries are collections of web courses grouped by technology that are available on a subscription basis at one low price per COMPANY. Each COMPANY is provided with unlimited access to all courses within a library for the subscription period.
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To order your eLibrary training package, please call 01252 421 212 or send an email to


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Deeply discounted Sun Fire x64 Servers, UltraSPARC Servers with CoolThreads Technology, Storage 7000, Sun x64 Workstations ..

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Sun Startup Essentials

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* In order to qualify for the Sun Startup Essentials program, your company must meet the following criteria:

– In business six years or less
– A maximum of 150 employees, including any affiliates
– Based in a country in which the program is offered
– A verifiable company presence (company name, street address [no post office boxes allowed], etc.).
– Agree to accept the program’s terms and conditions

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Astia – Girl Geeks wanting to Start a Company…

Some of you may have already heard of Astia, well they have asked us to forward some info about them to our members, after all they are focused on funding companies being founded by women.  They are set up as a charity and they are looking to find some great future technology innovators… Anyway if you are considering starting up you own company then the details below may be of  interest to you…


Doing it Right isn’t about looking for funding. It’s about finding funding. If you want to know what to say to investors and how to say it, who better to ask than VCs and angel investors? They’ll be there. But that’s just the beginning. At Doing it Right, you’ll cultivate invaluable relationships with key players and get straight talk from leading experts on developing strategies that support high growth, building effective presentations and more.

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Key Dates
22 April: Application Deadline
11 – 14 May: London Doing it Right programme
Vinyan buy
15 May: London Company Screening Day
18 June: London Investor Forum

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About Astia
Astia is a community of experts committee to building women leaders and accelerating the funding and growth of high-potential, high-growth, women-led startups. Astia is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. For more information visit www.astia.org or contact evie@astia.org A Hazard of Hearts move A American in Parisn full Jump In! dvdrip

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Hi I thought you guys might be working on some cool projects and interested in the opportunity to take them to the next level.

From securing funding to developing the right network, young entrepreneurs in Europe face challenges in building globally competitive technology businesses. Through the provision of seed capital and a world class network of mentors, we want to provide a catalyst for Europe’s next generation of entrepreneurs. Applications are now open (http://application.seedcamp.com/) and being accepted till August 10th. More details are on our website and blog (www.seedcamp.com

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and blog.seedcamp.com).

Seedcamp is where Europe’s top young founders can come together in one place.

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