London Girl Geek Dinners

London Girl Geek Dinners was the very first Girl Geek Dinner group to start out and it was here in London in the UK at the Texas Embassy that the journey started.  The first event was held on the 16th August 2005 with only 35 people attending.  The event was and still are only advertised online and this was before social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter had really taken hold.

The original founder of the London Girl Geek Dinners and Girl Geek Dinners concept was Sarah Blow and she ran the events in London up until August 2009 where she handed over the events to the team that run them today.  The reason for the handover was due to the increasing demand for Girl Geek Dinners globally and this needed central co-ordination.  Sarah, not being based in London decided it was about time to hand over the events to the Londoners!

From here the events have gone from strength to strength with close to 1000 members and some amazing sponsors who have provided great venues and fantastic support!  The focus of the events is about uniting, supporting, learning and having fun as a female in the technology industry.

All our events are run as not for profit and any funds left over are ploughed back into the group to provide the website, labels etc and sponsorship covers the cost of food and drinks as well as the venue hire where applicable.  We are always happy to hear from potential new sponsors and you can contact us through our contact page.

19 thoughts on “London Girl Geek Dinners

  1. Sarah Blow

    Hi Lucy,

    We tend to define a Girl Geek as someone female who has a passion and a depth of knowledge in that subject area. Whether that be software, design, art, publishing, or whatever. Generally the events that we run have a technical focus at the moment as this is where most women feel there is a need for such events. However there’s nothing to stop someone from running a Girl Geek Dinner with a different focus, be that construction or something else completely.

    We are happy to support Girl Geek Dinners of any Geeky type! 🙂 And if you are interested in that then we can accommodate that too! Obviously our definition of Girl Geek isn’t the be all and end all of what people see as Girl Geek. It’s just one interpretation of it.


  2. Sheamus

    Beautiful! Your GGD Introduction… Beginning,Present and Future… is just right. People will continue to become involved, and in increasing numbers, if they feel in any way the way I do about the inherent goodnes, connection, community and fun for girl geeks around the world.


  3. TheFemGeek

    This sounds great. I need to put out some type of calling for the female geeks in Chicago and see what I can get together. I would love to do this and associate it with the female geek icons on line like those from the Gawker group and Make magazine and so forth. I got some work to do 😉


  4. Kara

    Excellent site! I came across this through Facebook. I am glad that I did find this. Wonder if there is any interest in Pittsburgh,PA for starting a group.


  5. Maya

    While I applaud your efforts to organize tech-savvy women I am primarily here to urge you to reconsider your About Us “podcast”. Why exactly should I bother to download an mp3 to find out more about your organization? When I surf the web, I want quick access to information; downloading a 3 mb sound file which I have no way to scan through and which may or may not contain information relevant to me is not a helpful way to increase awareness of your organization. In addition to being more accessible (hi Google-bot!), written text is just plain faster to parse/process so please consider giving the mic a rest.


  6. Elisabeth

    Hi! Andraz Tori of Zemanta recommended you to me! I am a blogger and develop the Soil Association on Facebook (where I am contributing editor). I am based in Bristol, Devon and London. Sorry to miss your third birthday and I will check your next events. Thanks for existing, Elisabeth


  7. admin


    If you have the time to convert the audio into text then do feel free to do so, I’ve waitied to post your comment whilst trying to find the time to do as you suggest but have so many different things to do with looking after the .com and London GGD stuff that i just don’t have the time to type it all out. If you do convert it just e-mail it in and I’ll post it here with the audio.

    Many Thanks


  8. admin


    You will find Malaysia has subsequently re-named themselves to Gorgeous Geeks do a search on Facebook for that and you’ll find them there.


  9. Cat AKA:Geek-Chic!

    I LOVE this group! How fantastic to finally have a girl group for geekdom! hoorah!

    I’m interested in a Girl Geek group in Birmingham, is there one? Could I start one? How would I go about this?

    I am a big techno-geek. I work in multi-site networking solutions for a systems integrator as a Strategic Account Manager and I have been in the industry for 10+yrs. I love anything to do with technology and networking and am keen to build relationships where I can learn more or teach others.

    Thanks for your help, and for a fantastic group! 😉


  10. dootoush


    Initially I felt despondant as I thought that the geekdom existed purely for those in programming, I am relieved and excited to see that this also includes integrated communications..something that I worked in for 20 years (guess I am more of a free range chicken that spring chicken!). Often the odd one out at conferences etc due to the skirt (unless in scotland) but worked my way up. I am now on the other side of the fence and trying to find people to work with the startup companies that we work with.

    There is special funding (whether we want the preferential treatment is a question for another time) for businesses with women at the top. But getting funding can be tricky as we all know and that is where we (there are more people in the company than just me!) work to get the other people to work with you for your business to suceed.

    I have seen loads of discussion groups and most of them are cringworthy with their offers of help. Fact..we are not a charity. Fact we really do work for you and with you. Fact I love honesty and integrety and I hate bullshit!

    You can find me on twitter and I am just updating my webjam presence.

    Go Girls..together we REALLY can change the world.


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