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Girl Geek Dinners was founded by Sarah Lamb. Sarah came from a family who were integrated into the technology sector. Her mother was a recruiter for the tech industry and her father was a systems analyst for an insurance company. Early on she considered a career in law but in the end decided that technology was a better fit.

Sarah studied a BSc in Computation at UMIST in Manchester. She was one of a small number of women on the course. Whilst there she flourished and also set up the university swimming team at the Commonwealth pool. At the end of her course Sarah entered an ideas competition to take her undergraduate final year project to the next level and won the competition. She went on to do a fully funded MEnt in Computation with the University of Manchester.

Sarah was head hunted out of university and joined Alaris Medical Systems as a software engineer. There she focused on mobile technology within medical devices. It was whilst here she set up and founded Girl Geek Dinners. Sarah was one of 5 women in technical roles in the companies UK R & D office at the time. With so few women there and none her own age she felt the need to create a community of like minded people. Sarah was an avid attendee of community events especially those in the .net and mobile space. She saw an opportunity to connect women in technology together both online and offline.

From here Girl Geek Dinners was born. She had the support of local and global technology community leaders and the popularity of her events grew at a fast rate.

Sponsors helped to grow and sustain the community and events. Volunteers helped bring events to new locations. All the time Sarah continued to run the London chapter whilst co-ordinating the other groups. Eventually Sarah handed the reigns of London to her long term friend and supporter Judith Lewis and focused on the central co-ordination of the groups globally.

Sarah also spoke at numerous events including on a panel at the United Nations. Sarah is a women’s enterprise ambassador for the UK and even today supports young women on their journey through the tech sector.

In 2011 Sarah got married. In 2014 Sarah reduced her engagement with Girl Geek Dinners to start a family. She now has two young boys. Girl Geek Dinners ran autonomously from 2014 – 2018 due to family commitments and the breakdown of her marriage.

Today Sarah is working part time whilst juggling family commitments and is starting to pick the reigns back up with Girl Geek Dinners.

After a period of autonomy Girl Geek Dinners is in need of revival. The issues that were around in 2004 are still prevalent today and I feel there is still a need for a network for women in the technology industry. This network needs to include men rathe than exclude and it needs to hold those that make decisions accountable for change moving forward.

Sarah would like to invite you to join her in her mission to make the technology industry a place where you feel like you belong. It doesn’t matter what your race, religion, gender or sexual preference is.

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