Christmas Dog

That’s us done for this year Folks!

A BIG THANKS to all our wonderful members, sponsors, speakers and attendees for another great year. We thought we’d treat you to a picture of a Christmas dog and baby to welcome in the winter solstice. We will be back and are currently planning our next year’s activities.

So to the companies wanting to treat us to an evening of techie talks, dinners and drinks, drop us a line at (we barely read our google mail so that ones more likely to get a response!)

Anyone wanting to do a talk but not sure, you can always come along to our workshop Wednesdays from Women’s Tech Hub and do a speaker’s corner in front of a smaller group to get feedback and gain confidence. There’s also the meet and speak group running who can help improve your confidence.

You can also contact us if there’s any particular areas you would be interested in hearing about and we can hunt down speakers for it!

For the rest – have a great and well deserved break and we look forward to catching up with you all in the new year! Let the festivities begin!