GGD#54 ‘ Virtual Machine vs. Container’ with Kate Mallichan

Our September Girl Geek Dinner is hosted by HP labs

Wednesday September 21st 

Kate Mallichan graduated in 2007 from the University of Bristol with an MEng in Computer Science. She worked for 5 years in industrial software engineering across a broad spectrum of fields that included mobile apps, aerospace systems and roadside sensor equipment. She has experience in an equally wide range of software development languages and tools. A thirst for more creative freedom led her to join HP Labs  in 2012 as a Research Engineer. Since that time her focus has been on rapid prototyping in the areas of cloud computing, cyber-security and more recently container technologies.





Virtual Machine vs. Container

Virtual machines are essentially a software emulation of a complete computer system, including hardware and OS. They have existed in some form since the 1960s, though they were not widely adopted until technologies matured in the 2000s and they became a primary enabler of the cloud computing paradigm.

Containers can be thought of as a light-weight form of virtualisation. Like virtual machines, they have existed for some time, but their widespread adoption is more recent and still rapidly growing and evolving. Containers bring exciting benefits in terms of performance, portability and more agile computing paradigms, but also certain trade-offs, the most commonly acknowledged being their security.

In this talk Kate will summarise the key differences between virtual machines and containers and identify their main pros and cons over a cross-section of applications. I will then look to the future and explore the potential I see to address new and increasingly complex technological challenges with container technology as it continue to mature.


After the presentation and any questions we will open the floor up for a discussion,  if anyone feels like they would like to bring along any ppt’s or links that they want to share for discussion then please bring it along on a USB or mail the team with info and we can share this during the discussion period. Don’t forget – you don’t have to work in the industry or be a geek, this is a group for anyone with an interest in the subject!

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The food and hosting is kindly sponsored by regular GGD supporters HP, there is free parking and feel free to mail or comment on the meetup if you need a lift.

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Wednesday 21st  September 6.30/7  – 9pm