Next event: Wednesday March 16th GGD #49 – Mrudula Gore from XMOS discusses machine intelligence

Mrudula “At school, Maths was my favourite subject, because I could think more and write less! And I was fascinated by small electronic gaming consoles that had come out newly then (20 years ago!) I thought it would be great fun to develop these games and the opportunities that lie ahead; the plan then was to be a computer engineer.

My Engineering degree introduced me to electronics, digital design and algorithm development. Then I realised this is what I enjoy most. Fortunately I found work that let me play with my favourite subjects. Nearly two decades on, I am as excited about emerging technology as I was then.

At XMOS I work in silicon development, building a new breed of microprocessors with wide ranging applications including gaming, media processing and robotics! It is amazing how a bit of commonsense, a bit of maths, physics, chemistry can transform sand into machines that occupy all walks of our lives. Best bit about working in semiconductor industry, I’d say, is silently knowing that millions of people use little piece of silicon that I have contributed to.”



Machine intelligence has come a long way from first program that passed Turing test. We have machine learning integrated in our life more than we may realise. I plan to have a loose discussion about what has been done, what is coming up soon and what is ultimately possible, touching upon philosophical implications of a truly ‘thinking machine’.





After Mrudulas presentation and any questions we will open the floor up for a discussion,  if anyone feels like they would like to bring along any ppt’s or links that they want to share for discussion then please bring it along on a USB or mail the team with info and we can share this during the discussion period.  Don’t forget – you don’t have to work in the industry or be a geek, this is a group for anyone with an interest in the subject!
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Do come along for pre-presentation mingling as we will be there from 6.30pm. As always, we welcome men to our group, but to keep our audience predominantly female, we ask that all men are accompanied by a woman (just add a +1 on the meetup).


The event is kindly sponsored by MixRadio (sadly their last time) and will be at their offices
Prudential Buildings, 11-19 Wine St., Bristol, BS1 2PH, Bristol, Bristol*
from 6:30pm for 7pm on Wednesday 16th March.

*Find the Tesco Express on Wine St, and go through the large double doors to the right (between Tesco and Reed). Go up to the 6th floor via the lifts Bristol