BarCamp Ticket Lottery finishes TODAY!

Sorry for the late alert London Girl Geek Dinner Folks!

BarCampLondon is a semi-annual unconference run by volunteers for all geeks. The 7th version is at the IBM offices on the Southbank and will be held on the 24/25th of October. BarCamps are great events for geeks and anyone else with the slightest interest in BarCamps to meet new people in a relaxed and inspiring environment.

The organisers of this BarCamp are looking very hard for all of you out there that haven’t been to a BarCamp before, hoping to give you a great weekend to remember. To give you a bit of an extra nudge to apply for a ticket they have increased all newcomers’ chance to get a ticket in their lottery.

House of Sand and Fog buy

Tickets are always in demand and limited but newcomers get a 50% higher chance to win a ticket in the lottery!

You can now sign up on, and you can find more info on the BarCamp site Alternatively you can also say hi to the organisers on their Twitter account @barcamplondon.

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So get in there and get your name down TODAY!

We’re still working on the next event for London GGD and are looking for a sponsor but if we can find a venue and can all pitch in some food or drink we can always have a great smaller event I’m sure! голова болит секс

If you work for a tech-savvy company who might be interested in supporting London Girl Geek Dinners, please do let us know 🙂

The next event will likely be first week of November or late October.

Thanks for reading!