The Science Council Need Your Help


We are looking for volunteers to take part in the ‘Careers Hotel’ – an area where young people can find out about the range of careers and jobs available from a science, technology, engineering or maths background.. Here’s the kind of thing we’d like volunteers to do:

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– Mingle with the young people in the careers zone area, striking up conversations about STEM careers and their own jobs. It might be useful to bring an object which represents their job, or photos of colleagues in the work environment. The ‘minglers’ will also be asked to gently shepherd handfuls of young people towards the activities they can do in the careers zone: laptops with careers websites on; TV screen showing media clips; conversations with trained careers advisors; questionnaire about likes and dislikes; graffiti board for young people to give their own views.

– Speed networking. This facilitated session will invite young people, in pairs or by themselves, to have 3-minute conversations with a variety of role models about their jobs and their STEM backgrounds. We’re looking for as broad a range of role models as possible so technicians, HE/FE students and managers are all welcome as well.

Volunteers can choose whether they’d like to act as minglers or speednetworkers or both!

We’d like volunteers to join us for one or more half day sessions during:

– Wednesday 4th Mar afternoon
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– Thursday 5th Mar morning
– Thursday 5th Mar afternoon
– Friday 6th Mar morning

If you are interested in helping us or you know anyone who may be interested, please pass this to them. We’re happy to answer any questions – you can contact me by email ( or by phone (07775 908 750).