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This registration form is for registering interest in starting a new Girl Geek Dinner group.  It is NOT for registering your interest in attending a Girl Geek Dinner event.

Please note that we will need the following information for each organiser that you have working with you in your group!

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Your Group Country

Your Group City

Your Facebook Account URL - We will use this to set you up with access to a group Facebook Page

Any other useful group contact info

Your Skype Contact Details or Phone no

What is your background and experience of running events?

What experience do you have of setting up and running websites?

Why do you want to run one of these events in your area?

Do you agree to allow men to attend these events when invited by a female attending the events?


Do you agree to run the events independently of any single company or organization?


Do you agree to run these events as non-profit?


ps. once you've clicked the submit button the e-mail with these details will be sent to us along with a copy to yourself. So long as you get that e-mail your submission has been sent.