Starting Out

If you are interested in starting a Girl Geek Dinner then you have come to the right place.

You will need to register your interest in starting a group  with us to do that you will need fill out a form to officially register your interest in starting a site with us. Once we have this form we will create your site on our network and you will be able to get started.

From here we will then check that there aren’t other groups starting out or already running in your area.  If there are then we will put you in touch with them to work together rather than start a new one.

Once you’ve been given the go ahead we will give you access to the organizers blog, LinkedIn group and help documentation on how to create a successful event in your area and the access to our official logo.  Failure to register whilst using this logo will result in legal action as the logo is TradeMarked and as such it’s use is restricted to the rules set out here.

Registration Form

This registration form is for registering interest in starting a new Girl Geek Dinner group.  It is NOT for registering your interest in attending a Girl Geek Dinner event.