Ticino, Switzerland Joins Girl Geek Dinners

We are happy to announce that Ticino in Switzerland are the first Swiss Girl Geek Dinners group to get started! 

Ticino Girl Geek Dinners is all about meeting other Girl Geeks in the Italian part of Switzerland. Here’s what their founder Laura¬†has to say about why she wanted to start this event in her area.

“I’ve seen many videos and photos about GGDs around the world and I think these events could be a good opportunity to meet geek girls in the italian part of swiss because here we are not well connected.”

This brings our country count to 28 and our city count to 82.


  1. Hi, I would like to contact them but the website is down, where can I find them?
    Is there a name of the organizer?

    Thank you very much,


  2. Hi There,

    The contact form is now back up, drop us an email through that or girlgeekdinners at googlemail dot com

    Many thanks

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