Strasbourg Girl Geek Dinner Event Tonight

This evening Strasbourg Girl Geek Dinners will be holding their very first Girl Geek Dinner event.  The event will take place at 7 pm on the 16th of November at the Salamandre in Strasbourg.

Their partners for this evening are

– Bemac, an official Apple retailer, who will try out Bewee cars;

– Swatch, who will honor us with a (demonstration) of their brand new tactil watch,

– as well as a small mystery guest: a Karotz rabbit.

For this first evening our “godmother” is Claire Harrison, an influent french blog writer, who will explain what makes a  successful and efficient blog.

We will be relaying the whole thing live via twitter. We’re expecting about 200 people, in the bar-restaurant called la salamandre, which will organize a concert for our girls geeks.

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