I kissed a nerd – and I liked it!

Wow, we’ve been WAY quiet lately.  Sorry ladies and gents. It’s due to the fact that I spent all my energy waxing nerdlitical on The Unknown Studio with Adam and Scott.

If you haven’t heard the podcast yet, I was their guest on Season Two, Episode One – The Brittney Show! We really out-geeked ourselves… even talked Heroes for nearly 10 minutes!  I finally got to do  the Fast Fifteen, which I’ve got to say, makes me feel like I’ve finally made it. (Made it where? I’m not sure…)

I’ve also spent a lot of time playing new boardgames, Dungeons and Dragons, and dreaming about Comic-Con, which is only a few short weeks away! I’m also reading a book on Dungeons and Dragons for ladies, and will be posting about it when I finish. (It will probably be a plane book for the trip to San Diego, so don’t expect it next week!)

Anyways, on my trips around the Internet, I came across this little ditty, which is a parody of Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl and  I liked it”.

With lines like: “For you I’ll do roleplaying games / And learn to factor” and “I kissed a nerd  just for science”, this parody is pretty fun.  Give it a whirl!

Thanks to Geekologie for the original post on the parody video.