Cape Town, South Africa Girl Geek Dinners Launch!

We are happy to announce that Cape Town in South Africa are the first South African Girl Geek Dinners group to get started! 

Cape Town Girl Geek Dinners is all about meeting other Girl Geeks in Cape Town. Here’s what their founder Mariska has to say about why she wanted to start this event in her area.

“I love technology, networking and interacting with fabulous women..”

This brings our country count to 29 and our city count to 83.


    • Joonji Mdyogolo on February 7, 2011 at 11:56 am


    I’d like to join the next Cape Town Girl Geek Dinner. What should I do next.


  1. Pop over to the Cape Town website and drop them an e-mail. They will announce their next even on the website and through any social media channels that they have set up and the details of how to sign up for the event will be included within that.

    Many thanks

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