Announcing Dinner Zero

What are you doing on Thursday September 25th at 5.30pm?

Hopefully you’re going to join us for Calgary GirlGeekDinners.

Dinner Zero is the planning one. The one where we decide what we want, where we’ll meet, what we’re going do. I am hoping that some people will show up!

It’s dead informal, there will be some food and drinks (sponsored by ThoughtWorks, because I work there and they are kind), a chance to network with other GirlGeeks (and their invited BoyGeeks) and a brainstorm to share ideas about what happens next.

It’s going to be at the ThoughtWorks offices on Level P, 600 6th Avenue, Calgary. If you plan to come, please either join the Facebook group (, post a comment on here or email me at with your name, guest name (if you’re bringing one) and email address.

Please also feel free to pass this one to any GirlGeeks you may know.