Event: Community Discount on Mozilla Festival Tickets

GirlyGeekdom and Girl Geek Dinners are delighted to offer our members and readers the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets for the Mozilla Festival which is happening from the 4th -6th November 2011.  All you need to do is select the “student/partner community member” option. Being part of our community gives you the discount! How awesome is that!


A big chunk (1/3) of the people signed up already fall into these two categories. But they need even more developers and designers to add rocket fuel for the Festival’s roster of design challenges and hack sprints.


More specifically they want more:

  • Javascript developers, HTML5 video and audio enthusiasts, front end developers, news app developers, and other news hackers. To help build everything from data-driven journalism kits to mobile news apps to amazing browser-based video games that run right in the browser.
  • User experience and interface designers, graphic designers, game developers and 3D modeling people. To help create everything from data visualizations to translation workflow to whole new ways of imagining news and information.

Know anyone who fits the bill? Please ask them to join us in London by signing up here:


If you aren’t one of those skill sets do not fear! You are still welcome to sign up and head down! GirlyGeekdom will be there along with loads of other awesome Geeky folks!

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